A nighttime bandit got into KC-area sheriff’s office. His target? The trash bags

A custodian at the Clay County Sheriff’s Office was met with a different sort of bandit overnight Thursday, when a raccoon searching for trash attacked and chased him through the building.

The overnight custodian, Robert Akin, was taking out trash around 3:40 a.m., when the “trash panda” tried to bite and claw him to get into the trash bag, the sheriff’s office said on Facebook, with a photo of the naughty bandit contained behind bars. After attacking, the accused raccoon followed Akin from the outside trash cans into the administration building lobby.

Akin, the brother of Clay County Sheriff Will Akin, escaped by running through another door and into the dispatch office. Luckily, Sarah Boyd, a spokeswoman for the sheriff’s office, said the raccoon didn’t get into the dispatch area.

Dispatchers thought Akin was having a medical emergency because he ran in asking for help and grabbing his chest.

“He’s a very chill guy, so when he came in freaking out, our dispatchers were like, ‘Oh no,’” Boyd said.

Using a trash can, broom and folding table, dispatchers helped the custodian contain the raging raccoon. The sheriff’s office reports Akin is OK, but some trash bags were harmed in the process.