Nina Dobrev wants to rewear her bridesmaids dress from Julianne Hough's wedding

Nina Dobrev in a Ralph Lauren dress, Edie Parker clutch, and Malone Souliers shoes at a party celebrating the harper by Harper’s BAZAAR September Issue in West Hollywood, California. (Photo: Getty Images)
Nina Dobrev in a Ralph Lauren dress, Edie Parker clutch, and Malone Souliers shoes at a party celebrating the harper by Harper’s BAZAAR September Issue in West Hollywood, California. (Photo: Getty Images)

Every bride justifies the price of their bridal party gowns with one simple phrase, “You’ll definitely be able to wear this again.” While that is almost never the case for the average bridesmaid, it just might be for Nina Dobrev. The 28-year-old star recently stood up in her very first wedding and served as a bridesmaid to her best friend, Julianne Hough. And while doing so, she fell head over heels for the gown. “It was such a beautiful Marchesa gown that I could see myself wearing it at some point again. Maybe not to another wedding but if there is some sort of upscale event that I’m going to maybe” the tells Yahoo Style, adding that “the dress is too beautiful to not be worn twice – as long as Julianne is okay with it. I would ask her out of courtesy I think.”

While she wasn’t “allowed” to talk about what role she played in planning the wedding, Dobrev did admit to being an instrumental part in some of the naughtier pre wedding fun. “I did a lot of stuff for the bachelorette party, let’s just put it that way — things that can’t be repeated,” she proclaims, with a laugh.

Dobrev arrived at Rosaline in West Hollywood on Tuesday night in a collared Ralph Lauren LBD to host a dinner in conjunction with Harper’s Bazaar + Sephora. The evening celebrated her appearance on the cover of the recent harper by Harper’s Bazaar and her guest editing of the issue. “It was a lot of work. It’s a lot of questions and a lot of interviews and going through a lot of things,” she says of the process. “But as much as it was work, it didn’t feel like work because it was fun.” The best part of the gig, says Dobrev, was the fact that she got to try a lot of the outfits on before they hit the racks and was even able to take a few home with her. “I got to be the tester bunny. And so as you know none of the products were tested on animals, they were tested on me. So they are cruelty free, kind of,” she jokes. But it was fun. I got to be in the know before everyone else was and that made me feel like a cool girl for at least five minutes.”

The former Vampire Diaries star wore her bob in loose curls and blushed when complimented by how jealous the world is of her always flawless hair. “I don’t wash it a lot — twice a week maybe. I let my natural oils just sort of do their thing,” she reveals of her haircare routine. “And I don’t style it a lot so that it doesn’t dry out too much unless I have an event, I just let it air dry and be crazy and beachy and natural.”

While she occasionally misses her longer locks, her short and flirty look appears to be here to stay — at least for the time being. “I keep cutting it. I’m sort of obsessed with it but eventually I’m sure I’ll get bored of this too. It’s so fun and it’s so fresh. Change is just very very welcome in my world always,” says Dobrev. One thing she’s not into — unless she’s absolutely forced to do it for a role and even then it would be with hesitation — is the concept of going blonde. “I’ll definitely try some new things but blonde seems like a stretch for me personally,” the actress confesses.

While on site for the dinner, the brunette beauty, who is busying producing her own projects and is gearing up for the release of Flatliners answered a few fun fashion questions with reporters on site:

Which fashion trend would you marry, kiss, kill?

Dobrev: I’ll marry skinny jeans. I could never not wear skinny jeans. I love them so much because they make me feel skinny. I would kill Crocs and kiss trench coats. Every once and a while you feel like a nice Burberry trench coat but that’s just like per occasion. That’s a special occasion type of thing.

What wardrobe piece do you get the most compliments on?

Dobrev: I have an Armani leather jacket that I wear a lot that all of my friends are very envious of and these Valentino pumps that all my girlfriends constantly try to steal from my wardrobe.

What fashion trend you are loving right now?

Jacket over the shoulders so that way you can commit to it but not have it. it’s a little more chic and effortless in my opinion.

What does Julianne Hough steal from your wardrobe?

My Chanel red purse. She steals it all the time.

What do you steal from her?

Everything she owns all the time. Mostly pajamas though to be honest with you because we have so many sleepovers but I come unprepared and end up staying over.

What was your last big fashion splurge?

I bought a pair of Chloe boots that I wear all the time and they were pretty expensive. But I wear them almost every day so they were worth it for me. And then that Chanel purse that is essentially Julianne’s now.

What is your favorite sneaker look when you are not working out?

I love to wear my white classic sneakers with a dress. When I was living and shooting a movie in New York a couple of months ago, I would go to Broadway shows all the time and out in Times Square. You have to do so much walking in the city that I couldn’t wear heels. So I’d wear my Reebok white sneakers with a cute little dress and go to a Broadway show and that was my favorite.

Do you own anything that you wore on Degrassi?

Dobrev: I had a pair of boots that I wore on one of the seasons of Degrassi that they gave me before I left and I kept them. I still have them. They are these brown above the knee boots. They haven’t made an appearance in my wardrobe in many many years because I definitely thought they were cool at the time and I’ve seen them since and I’m like, “oh that was definitely like a moment that has passed.”

What’s the one thing you put on that makes you feel instantly stylish?

A bold lip always makes me feel stylish.

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