Nissan GT-R Gets Striking Limited-Production T-Spec Takumi and Skyline Editions

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Nissan GT-R Gets Striking Special EditionsNissan

Nissan's iconic GT-R may be singing its swan song, as rumors of its 2025 demise have been swirling in Japanese media. If that's true, the GT-R is not going down without a fight, evidenced by two new limited production models: the T-Spec Takumi and Skyline editions.

Bearing the endearment "Godzilla" after the fierce movie beast, the modern GT-R has been a staple in collective sports car fandom since it first hit U.S. streets in 2008 with a 473-hp twin-turbo V-6. But even before that, Godzilla was inspired by the Nissan Skyline from the 1950s and beyond.

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These two models are aesthetically focused. The T-Spec Takumi features a Midnight purple finish as a nod to previous Skyline/GT-R special editions, and the Skyline version revives the semi-retired Bayside blue paint with a Sora blue interior. The T-Spec Takumi GT-R cabin is trimmed in Nissan's exclusive Nori green. Each will have a unique red-etched engine badge and a gold VIN plate on the engine bay.

Godzilla is looking good in its later years, and these two editions will look striking on the road.

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