Northern Health seeks support for sober living initiative

Addictions program coordinators Tammy Mazanek and Kelly Little have sent a letter to the City of Dawson Creek, requesting a letter of support from mayor and council for a sober living home.

Their first funding initiative is due on November 20, explains a November 2 email. The home would be a space for individuals after they have attend a residential treatment centre

“Our goal is to create a living environment that will continue to inspire and nurture individuals on their path to recovery while rebuilding their lives and achieving lasting sobriety,” Mazanek and Little explain. “Sober living homes are vital in maintaining sobriety and helping individuals maintain their recovery journey.”

“It’s one thing to talk about transitioning back to daily life and another to do it. Many people who finish treatment are nervous and scared to make the transition back into the real world because they fear they will fail,” they added.

The housing initiative would include peer support, workplace initiatives, counselling, life skills training, and community reintegration programs.

The item is on the City of Dawson Creek’s November 14 agenda.

Tom Summer, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Alaska Highway News