It's not too early for Maple Leafs to panic

Four straight losses in a disastrous road trip leaves the Maple Leafs with questions to answer and Toronto fans fearful of another wasted season.

Video Transcript

OMAR: Hey, everyone. Welcome back to another episode of "In the Mentions." I'm TicTacTOmar. And for the last, I'd say, two weeks, you know, the Leafs haven't been as good. And the question, over and over again, has been, is it too early? It's been a question. It's also been a response.

You know, when people are very critical and-- and angry, and upset about how poorly the Leafs are playing, a lot of people say, is it too early? Even I asked that question, you know, after Saturday's loss. Is it too early?

No, it's not. It's not too early. And I get it. I understand the fact that, you know, the-- you know, the Leafs' record, right now, is very similar to how it was last year before they took off. I get it.

But it's just the games aren't fun. You know? It's just like watching them-- it's either it feels as if it's a chore, it feels boring, or it's just every single thing that they do, it just irritates you. And then it gets to the point where they're-- they're losing the games themselves. The reason the Toronto Maple Leafs are losing their games is because of them. They're making mistake after mistake after mistake.

And the-- and the thing that's worse is that it's so unnecessary. It's so unnecessary. Just all of these-- like, these cute dropped passes and passes to no one-- Engvall-- and all these, like-- all these, like, no-look back passes-- Marner. Like, and it's not even just them two specifically. Just those are just the two recent examples. Because everyone on the team has done it.

And I don't know why. Like, the game awareness, like, whether we're, like-- we're up, whether we need a goal, whether it's like-- and it's a penalty kill, like, all of these mistakes are happening. And it keeps happening over and over again.

And I would like to think that Sheldon Keefe is talking to them and saying, hey, stop that. He just did that recently. In the Anaheim game, he had called a timeout and says, hey, the only reason they were able to score is because we literally gifted them these opportunities and they capitalized on it.

And then what happens? The same things happen-- or they continue. So I get it. We're only, like, a month in, but, like, oh my, man, we-- we went into this year, just like last year and the year before that, thinking, oh, you know what, the regular season doesn't matter.

But you know what? I-- I think that perspective has really hurt this team. I think going into this season thinking that, like, the regular season doesn't matter, it's only about the playoffs-- fair, right? Fair. But also I think we're losing sight of things.

And I think where it's difficult to get involved into the games that we're in right now because we're focused on later and we're losing these games against teams that we should beat. We're losing games to Arizona. We're losing games to Anaheim, a team that is bad in every category that you can think of in the NHL, they're bad at. They can't even score goals, and we allowed 4-- [STAMMERING] 4.

So is it too early? No. And if you think it's too early, then you know what? All power to you. That's great. But I think, now, we're at a point where, if you are frustrated with this team, you have every right to be. And once they prove that whatever they're going through is just some weird little rut, then we can start to get more positive.

But right now, they need something to change. And I'm not saying someone needs to lose their job or whatever. Just, like, something needs to click in these players' heads that they can't do something in the playoffs if they're not in the playoffs.