Are O.G. Anunoby & the Raptors cool?

Amit Mann is joined by Yahoo Sports Sr. NBA Writer Jake Fischer to discuss O.G. Anunoby's desire to remain with the Raptors and the likelihood Toronto could trade the forward. The full episode can be listened to on the 'Raptors Over Everything' podcast feed.

Video Transcript

AMIT MANN: OG Anunoby-- what is his appetite to be dealt? There were the reports, before the season started, that he was unhappy with his role. And then he kind of scoffed at it, saying, no, it didn't come from me. But I mean, we know there's a game within the game.

Do they want to move him? Or are they just thinking, like, no, he's irreplaceable?

JAKE FISCHER: I don't think they want to move him. I don't think they will move him, to be honest. I think the only way-- because look, when the Nets were dealing with Kevin Durant's trade request last summer, they didn't want to move him, either.


JAKE FISCHER: But at a certain point, if they got an offer from Toronto, or from Boston, or from whoever that just knocked them over at clear value that you have to take--


JAKE FISCHER: --there's people there who would have taken it. So maybe there is a scenario-- you look at a team like New Orleans-- and I'm just throwing that out there. I'm not saying they've had legitimate conversations there.

But New Orleans is a very active team. And they've got a treasure trove of picks. If New Orleans decided to throw someone like Herb Jones, who is an All-NBA Defensive-caliber player as well and a bunch of picks-- we're talking three, four picks plus maybe another-- they're going to have to throw another player to match the salary, and it's something that makes Toronto's ears perk up, I think there is a chance.

I think there is a chance, just knowing that-- go to Dejounte Murray again. He was dealt from San Antonio for the fact that they got that impressive, impressive haul for him, but also the fact that his contract situation is very similar to OG's in that he's going to be an expiring contract in 2024. And with the way the CBA is structured and how, quote, unquote, "low" his salary figure is compared to what he'll be able to command there, the Raptors will not be able to extend him.

OG Anunoby is essentially guaranteed to reach unrestricted free agency in 2024. And if you have any fear that he's not going to want to stick around, or that there will be teams who will throw him an opportunity-- you know, Jerami Grant, for example, in recent years, who by all accounts took the same exact money from Detroit that he was offered in Denver because he wanted to be a number one-- if there's a team that has a clear spot for him to have a bona fide number two, number one-type opportunity, like, that's a scary prospect.

So I could see the Raptors really listening if they get an offer that just blows their doors off. But I mean, everyone knows that OG Anunoby is a favorite of Masai Ujiri. And I think that blow your doors off benchmark is going to have to be legitimate. They're going to have to be wowed by an offer to move that guy.

AMIT MANN: Sure. Does he want to leave? [LAUGHS]

JAKE FISCHER: I don't think he-- from everything I've heard, I don't think he is banging on the door to get out.


JAKE FISCHER: But I mean, when he talks to Tyrese Haliburton after that game on January 2, I believe it was, and-- he played in Indiana. Like, people are looking at that. I think--


JAKE FISCHER: --I think there's certainly an idea of, like, could the grass be greener in 30 or 29 other markets? I think that's definitely a thought. But, like, is he asking for a trade request? Is he, like, demanding to get out? Is he wanting to get out? I don't think so.

But there's just too much smoke there to not have--


JAKE FISCHER: --for it to not be somewhat real. I think there's definitely a wandering eye, and definitely interest and curiosity to see what could be out there for him in a different situation.