Obama May Have Accidentally Revealed the Sex of Beyoncé's Twins

Barack Obama and Beyoncé. (Photo: Getty Images)

Loose lips sink ships — and Barack Obama may have just sunk quite a large one. On Thursday night, Jay Z was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame at a ceremony in New York. Jay Z wasn’t actually there (possibly because Beyoncé had given birth to their twins early). Obama wasn’t actually there, either — but he did tape a video message for the rapper that played during the event.

In the video, Obama joked about all of the ways in which he and Jay Z were similar. After listing many of their supposed similarities, Obama noted, “Jay and I are also fools for our daughters. Although, he’s going to have me beat once those twins show up.” Umm… did anyone else just hear that record scratch?

Some quick math leads to a likely conclusion: Obama has two daughters — Sasha and Malia — and Jay Z already has one, Blue Ivy. In order for Jay to “beat” Obama in the daughter department, he would need to have at least two more girls… and Beyoncé is (or was until recently) pregnant with twins.

Since Jay Z wasn’t there, his friend and record label head, Jon Platt, picked it up for him. Platt apologized to the crowd, but everyone was probably too busy contemplating the inadvertent announcement of the sex of Queen Bey’s babies to care. (We’re just speculating, though.)

Barack Obama stands on stage with rapper Jay-Z and Bruce Springsteen in 2012 (Photo: Brooks Kraft LLC/Corbis via Getty Images)

From the instant the 35-year-old singer announced her pregnancy via a dramatic (and widely parodied) photoshoot in February, her fans have been speculating about whether she would welcome boys, girls, or one of each. People have grasped at clues ranging from a pair of earrings she’d originally worn in her “If I Were a Boy” video to the color of her bra and undies in her pregnancy announcement. (No comment.)

For whatever it’s worth, Obama’s statement — based on math — seems to most solid evidence of the genders so far. Earlier in the day, Solange Knowles had reportedly been spotted arriving at the Los Angeles facility where Beyoncé was rumored to be giving birth, which means it shouldn’t be long before the debate will be settled and the world will make sense again.

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