22 Signs From October That Made Me Laugh So Hard I Nearly Choked On My Halloween Candy

October 2023 is officially over. What is time??? *Stares in existential crisis*. While we all try and come to terms with that, let's enjoy some of the funniest signs from this past month courtesy of r/funnysigns:

1."Halloween sign."

A bucket of pierogis with a sign that says, "only one pierogi per child"

2."Good morning."

A sticky noted on a bottle of coffee creamer that says, "good morning to whomever has been enjoying my coffee creamer all week, surprise, you've been drinking my breast milk"

3."Halloween gravestone."

tombstone in the yard says i did my own research

4."Would you like some fries with your lamp?"

we serve lamp, pork, shrimp, fries

5."That's not quite how it works, bro..."

large banner in front of a house says, my sister's pregnant i'm gonna be a dad

6."I mean, that's just common manners."

if you die whilst waiting to see the doctor please cancel your appointment

7."I guess you can call anything anything."

notice: this is the back door, the front door is around back

8."The end is nigh!"

every disastor movie starts with the government ignoring a scientist

9."Someone's gonna be rushing over."

attention, if you stole a watermelon from building 7 you need to contact poison control it was a biology project and has been injected with urine

10."Found in my school. Hopefully satire."

warning, unattended children will be captured and used for medical experiments

11."You’re welcome."


12."Cake up here."

cat on top of a cake that's on top of the fridge with a note that says, cake up here so fluffy does not sit on

13."Okay, who put that thrash can there?"

trash can under wall decal that looks like a baby is being thrown inside the can

14."Very cheeky..."

2 reward posters next to each other, one giving $50 for a lost ipod touch and the other giving $51 for a lost ipod touch

15."Hacked by a 4-year-old."

road sign says peepee poopoo

16."Well said."

you must have a valid id to be in this bar, babies are made here, not served

17."Just ask...for real??"

we'll gladly breed you, just ask

18."So Australia has helicopter sharks now."

sign at the beach has an icon that looks like a shark with helicopter wings


dont'. stop. be leaving

20."Jigsaw is running out of ideas."

sign reads, let's play a game above a toilet paper dispenser that has duct tape instead

21."When you want a TV..."

a baby is never a surprise or mistake, you had sex without a condom, what did you expect, a plasma tv

22."Halloween Special."

halloween special, bodies buried $5, really deep $10 next to a tractor shovel