Yes Really – Breast Milk Can Build Up In Your Armpit

Everyone’s favourite TikTok doctor has thoroughly weirded us out with a handful of facts about the way the body changes during and after pregnancy.

Dr Karan Raj (@dr.karanr), who is known for his insightful video explainers on various health issues and bodily changes, shared a video titled “weird pregnancy glitches” about some of the more unusual ways the body can alter when a woman is expecting a baby.

And one of his eye-opening revelations was that breast milk can in fact come out of the *checks notes* armpit. Oh yes.


Weird pregnancy glitches @Saige

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“Your breast tissue actually extends into the armpit,” explained the doctor to his 5.1 million followers. “It’s known as the axillary tail of Spence, and it’s connected to those central milk ducts.”

This area can become engorged during the early phase of breastfeeding when the milk supply is being established, according to the health expert.

He added: “Technically it’s possible to pump milk from it, although that’s not recommended.”

In the same video, the doctor also revealed that a pregnant woman’s feet can grow by a whole shoe size.

But back to the armpit issue. A mum-of-triplets took to TikTok to show exactly what happens when the armpits fill with milk – a phenomenon dubbed “pitties” by some parents (we’ll leave you to hazard a guess as to why it’s called that).

The mum said that six days after having her triplets via C-section, her boobs became engorged and, as a result, her armpits filled with milk.

She videoed the egg-shaped lumps in her armpits, which she described as “rock hard and painful”.

You’ll probably be relieved to hear that Dr Sarah Welsh, gynaecologist and co-founder of sexual wellness brand Hanx, told Glamour that lactating from the armpits is not common, with around 1-6% of women reporting this.

According to, pitties (sorry) can be treated in the same way as engorged breasts – so with hot showers, gentle massaging, and cool compresses.

But if you are experiencing this issue and it’s persistently painful, you develop a fever or red streaks appear near the area, it’s worth speaking to your midwife, health visitor or a GP who can provide more support as this could be a sign of infection.