Old friends reunited through Guardian letters pages

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Boris Johnson may be adamant that he will not permit a Scottish independence referendum (PM will allow second referendum if SNP wins, says Sturgeon, 11 April), but the Scottish Conservatives are urging voters to support them, to prevent an SNP majority in the Scottish parliament and a referendum. Does this indicate that even his own party activists don’t take Johnson’s words seriously?
Alison McIntosh

• As the marketers of the latest incarnation of cricket seek to change the outdated word “wicket” to “out” (Report, 13 April), why not increase accessibility still further by changing “runs” to “hits” and the whole sport’s name to “stick ball”?
Martin Datta

• Friends reunited through Guardian letters indeed (Letters, 12 April)! My wife had a letter published recently. A work colleague and friend, whom we had been able to help over 40 years ago, did some detective work and was able to get in touch to offer, again, her thanks. So lovely to hear from her. All due to the letters page.
Tom Yeo
Enfield, London

• We need a roadmap with specific dates with respect to moving back to two pages of letters, and then a discussion about what a new normal letters page might look like.
Keith Flett
Tottenham, London

• “How the pandemic year has affected our minds and memories” (Brain fog: how trauma, uncertainty and isolation have affected our minds and memory, 14 April). And there was I thinking it was due to old age.
Cathleen Palmer
St Albans, Hertfordshire