If You're Over 30, We Want To Know What You Believe Has Actually Improved As You've Gotten Older

It's easy to look back on the "good ol' days" with a lot of fondness and nostalgia, but let's be honest: there are some things that simply get better as you get older.

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So, older adults, I want to know what you believe has improved in your lifetime, whether personal or societal.

Maybe you're proud of certain policies that have been enacted, movements that have grown, or advocacy from younger folks that you admire.

A group of protesters hold up signs about saving the planet and the environment
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Perhaps you're appreciative of certain technological advances and new inventions. We often give social media a hard time, but maybe you're happy to have something that can so quickly connect you to your loved ones.

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Or maybe, on a more personal note, you've found that your quality of life has improved as you've gotten older. Perhaps you've learned to stress less, set boundaries, or prioritize what's important to you.

Three older adults sit together, smiling and enjoying a meal outdoors at sunset. One woman holds a glass of wine while the others engage in conversation
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Whatever it is that you believe has changed for the better as you've gotten older, whether it's personal or big picture, we want to know about it! Comment below what you believe has improved in your lifetime, or fill out this form to remain anonymous. Your response may be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!