Olivia Munn says she had a hysterectomy amid her cancer journey: ‘It was the best decision for me’

Actress Olivia Munn continues to share her journey since being diagnosed with breast cancer last year.

In a new interview with Vogue, published Sunday, the “Newsroom” actress revealed that she recently had a hysterectomy.

“I took out my uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries,” she said.

Munn said that the procedure, which took place last month, was an alternative to taking a cancer treatment medication that was causing her to experience “next-level, debilitating exhaustion.” She said it was “a big decision to make, but it was the best decision for me because I needed to be present for my family.”

The hysterectomy would improve her quality of life, but it also meant that she’d no longer be able to carry any future children. Munn and comedian John Mulaney welcomed their son, Malcom, in 2021.

“John and I talked about it a lot and we don’t feel like we’re done growing our family,” she said.

Munn, who had previously frozen her eggs twice in the past, said she underwent another round of egg retrieval before moving ahead with the hysterectomy, in hopes of making an embryo to use for surrogacy. When her doctor later informed the couple that they had two healthy embryos, she and Mulaney “just started crying.”

“It was just so exciting because not only did we get it in one retrieval, but it also meant that I didn’t have to keep putting myself at risk,” she said.

Munn first revealed that she was diagnosed with a form of breast cancer known as Luminal B cancer in March. The cancer was found in both of her breasts, and Munn’s treatment included a double mastectomy.

“This journey has made me realize how grateful I am to have options for not only fighting cancer,” she said, “but also having more children if we want.”

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