One day later, junior car thief bags his Lambo

Joe Lorio

Five-year-old Adrian Zamarripa made headlines when he boosted his parents' SUV and set out for California from his home in Utah. With $3 in his pocket, the young supercar fan was on a quest to buy a Lamborghini. His plan unraveled, however, when Utah state police pulled him over on I-15. Or at least, it seemed to. Thoguh thwarted in his attempt to get to California, one day after his story appeared, a Lamborghini came to him.

As Fox 13 News Utah reports, local Lamborghini owner Jeremy Nevis drove to Zamarripa's home in Ogden to give the fellow Lambo lover a ride in his matte-black Huracan. "The success principles that he displayed were magnificent to me," Nevis said.

Oh, and Fox 13 reports that an unidentified California business has offered to fly Zamarripa to the Golden State and let him actually drive a Lamborghini (under supervision).

As his sister says in the segment, "It's like he planned everything, which is crazy."

The important lessons: Crime pays. And when you fail big, it's really just a preamble to success.