One Royal Wedding Bridesmaid Has a Cute Legacy

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With their wedding just days away, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle officially announced the littlest members of their wedding party: the bridesmaids and page boys. And there’s a reason one of the bridesmaids may look familiar. Florence van Cutsem, a goddaughter of Prince Harry, is from a family with a grand legacy of stealing the show at royal weddings.

That’s because her cousin, Grace, became the subject of memes across the Internet when she covered her ears and made a face while Prince William and Kate Middleton shared their wedding kiss. Grace, Prince William’s goddaughter, is the now-10-year-old daughter of Hugh and Rose van Cutsem.

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Florence, for her part, hasn’t been photographed at any royal events just yet, and that’s probably since she’s only 3. Her parents, Alice van Cutsem and Major Nicholas van Cutsem, are also part of a family with extremely close ties with the royal family.

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Florence and Grace’s fathers, Nicholas and Hugh, are brothers; they also have two other brothers, Edward and William. They are all sons of Hugh Sr., Prince Charles’ best friend from Cambridge, meaning the royals are very close to the family. Hugh Sr. and his wife, Emilie, were neighbors to the Queen in Sandringham.

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Edward is Charles’ godson and served as one of two page boys in his wedding to Princess Diana; the Queen and Prince Philip attended Edward’s wedding in 2004. Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla, along with Prince William and Prince Harry, attended the funeral of patriarch Hugh Sr. back in 2013. And William van Cutsem is Prince George’s godfather.

As for Grace, she’s now 10 years old and the sister to two brothers, and seems a lot less grumpy than she was at Buckingham Palace, according to her mother’s Instagram account.

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