Oprah and other stars help John Krasinski surprise 2020 grads on 'Some Good News'

On the latest edition of Some Good News, John Krasinski’s heartwarming YouTube show, Krasinsnki threw a graduation party of sorts for student’s whose graduation ceremonies were canceled due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Krasinski even got a few of his famous friends to join him for a private conversation with a few lucky students. Oprah Winfrey, Malala Yousafzai, Jon Stewart and Steven Spielberg all happily imparted wisdom on the graduates.

Asked about following dreams, Spielberg replied, in part, “A real dream is something that not only hangs on to you, but you will hang on to it. And it will power you through every obstacle that people and environment will throw against you. Because if we’re in service of our dream versus our dreams being in service to us, it becomes something greater, and it allows us to be game, and allows us to get over our fear, and to go forward no matter what obstacles are thrown in our path.”

Yousafzai, an activist for female education around the world and Nobel Prize laureate, spoke about the importance of believing in your voice and not being afraid to speak out, along with not being defined or limited by society.

Oprah spoke about how what seemed like a demotion at the beginning of her career actually set her on the path that got her to where she is today, and shared one of her favorite moments in life as a reminder that even during dark times, the light is never far off. 

“This is my favorite moment in life,” Oprah said. “That when it’s really dark and dreary on the ground, and then you get on the plane, and within three minutes you shoot above the clouds and you see the sun was always there.”

And Jon Stewart used this experience as an example of one of life’s important lessons.

“The person on Mr. Krasinski’s show before you, their question was answered by Oprah,” Stewart said. “So I think it’s clear, sometimes in life, you’re gonna get the short end of the stick.”

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