Oprah Winfrey’s $90 Shoes Were Made for Aching Feet

Alexis Bennett

Do you know where you're going? I know where I'm going. Right on the cover of InStyle magazine. You're welcome. You're welcome. You're welcome. [MUSIC] [MUSIC] I have to say nothing feels like getting dressed up like sequins. Yes. When you are wearing a sequin gown, you better know where you're going. [MUSIC]. What a ring. I am fash-on not fash-off>> Never>> This is the most fash-on I've ever been, I mean pink tights, pink shoes, pink lipstick, big earings. I dont even know myself, everygirl needs red roses and to know I am loved And I am loved. [MUSIC] [SOUND] Nothing says harvest day like pink velour, great for picking peppers [LAUGH]. [SOUND] [MUSIC] I love this coat so much, I just want to say, everybody gets a coat. You get a coat. You get a coat. You get a coat. You get a coat. [MUSIC]

Sure sneakers are a no-brainer for workouts and weekend errands. But for the last couple of seasons, fashionistas have been gravitating towards casual kicks for dressier occasions—like brunch and parties. Even Oprah Winfrey is on board with the dressed-up sneaker movement. She's already worn one of her favorite comfortable brands twice on the cover of O, The Oprah Magazine.

First, Oprah put together a chic all-white outfit with a pair of Vionic Hattie sneakers ($90; at zappos.com, dillards.com, and nordstrom.com). If you're not familiar with the brand, your aching feet would really appreciate it if you bookmarked it ASAP. They're actually super stylish orthotics, and they're so comfortable podiatrists often recommend them to clients.

On the newest issue, you can see Winfrey rocking another pair of Vionic shoes. This time, she paired the stripe Valeri espadrilles with a ruffled dress for the perfect balance of comfort and style. Grab similar colors from QVC for only $99 while you can.