Orlando man did time for traveling to meet a minor for sex. He stayed out only 57 days

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An Orlando man got 29 years in federal prison last week for 57 days of obscene online activity.

In those 57 days, 47-year-old Joseph Lusk left prison as a registered sex offender, used social media app Moco Space to meet a 15-year-old girl, then used the Kik app to send her pictures of his genitals and request photos of her naked in the shower.

The “15-year-old girl” didn’t satisfy Lusk’s request. “She” was a “he” and the social media persona cloaked a Martin County Sheriff’s Office undercover investigator. Lusk was arrested on Aug. 31, 2021, eight weeks and a day after he finished doing 32 months in the Florida Department of Corrections for traveling to meet a minor after soliciting a parent, legal guardian or custodian.

And that’s why Lusk got 29 years in federal prison on charges of attempted enticement of a minor and commission of a felony offense involving a minor while being required to register as a sex offender.

Lusk didn’t just send pictures and request photos. He told the undercover investigator he wanted to “get naked and ruff house” with him and told that he would”bend u over my knee and spank u.” He requested wet T-shirt pictures and, when the undercover said “she” was going to a friend’s house for swimming, Lusk requested videos.

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