The Osbourne family storage unit is bigger than your house and filled with cool stuff

On the season premiere of Ozzy and Jack’s World Detour, Ozzy Osbourne and his kids, Jack and Kelly Osbourne, went on a road trip complete with a decked-out camper van. But this trip didn’t take them very far — just across town, to their family storage unit.

And while that seems like a pretty uneventful and menial Saturday task for the average family, this is not your average family. This is the Osbournes, and their family storage unit is actually a warehouse with rows of 15-foot-high shelves stacked with countless items, many of them swathed in protective bubble wrap.

As we quickly learned, this place is a virtual museum of memorabilia from Ozzy’s 40-plus years in music. As they walked through he gravitated toward instruments used on tour and to write songs in the 1970s for his band, Black Sabbath.

Perhaps the best moment from their trip down storage-unit memory lane was when they came across some talking bobble-head toys from the early 2000s and their days on their hit reality show, The Osbournes. Jack confirmed that Ozzy can still do the “Rock ‘n’ Roll!” line that his toy spouts. And after playing the line from Sharon Osbourne’s toy — which of course involved a profanity in telling the kids to go to bed — Jack replied, “What parent would say that to their child?”

And with the straightest face you can imagine, Ozzy replied, “Your parent.”

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