‘Outlander’ Cast Previews Season 3: ‘That Studly Warrior Goes and Becomes a Printer’

Ethan Alter
Senior Writer, Yahoo Entertainment

Even rugged Highlanders have to grow up and get real jobs some time. When Starz’s hit time-traveling romance, Outlander, returns for its third season on Sept. 10, fans might be surprised to discover that the show’s swashbuckling, kilt-wearing hero, Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan) has become … a humble 18th-century printer? Even the love of his life, Claire (Caitriona Balfe), would be a bit taken aback by that drastic career change. “Apparently, that studly warrior goes and becomes a printer,” Balfe jokes to Yahoo TV. “Which is such a sexy profession, you know. No offense to any printers.” But Heughan sticks up for his alter ego. “I’ll have you know, he’s actually a printer by day and a smuggler by night. So he’s actually a rebel!” A rebel with a steady printer’s paycheck, at least.

To put your fears to rest, Jamie does emerge from behind his printing press at some point during the season. After all, he and Claire are bound for some high-seas adventures, which the production filmed on the South African sets and ships vacated by Starz’s recently concluded pirate series, Black Sails. “Being on these ships was a whole different thing,” says Balfe. “They had fake vomit that for some reason they’d used real milk in. So after day one, it smelled of very real vomit!” Sophie Skelton, who plays Claire and Jamie’s daughter, Brianna, didn’t sound too upset over missing out on that part of shooting in South Africa. “Thanks for making it look so boring,” she tells her onscreen parents with a laugh.

Outlander premieres Sunday, Sept. 10, at 8 p.m. on Starz.

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