Over 1,000 Jewish Creatives and Professionals Have Now Denounced Jonathan Glazer’s ‘Zone of Interest’ Oscars Speech in Open Letter (EXCLUSIVE)

More than 1,000 Jewish creatives, executives and Hollywood professionals have signed an open letter denouncing Jonathan Glazer’s “The Zone of Interest” Oscar speech.

The list of co-signees provided to Variety Monday morning covers a broad swath of the industry including actors (Debra Messing, Tovah Feldshuh), executives (Gary Barber, Gail Berman), creators (Amy Sherman-Palladino), directors (Eli Roth, Rod Lurie), producers (Lawrence Bender, Amy Pascal, Hawk Koch, Sherry Lansing) and representatives (UTA’s Jake Fenton, Gersh’s Jeffrey Greenberg, attorney Craig Emmanuel). About 500 more individuals have added their names to the nearly 500 who signed on when the open letter was first published.

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The group’s statement says: “We refute our Jewishness being hijacked for the purpose of drawing a moral equivalence between a Nazi regime that sought to exterminate a race of people, and an Israeli nation that seeks to avert its own extermination.”

Glazer declined to comment.

With such high-profile co-signees as Jennifer Jason Leigh, “La La Land” producer Gary Gilbert and “The Americans” creators Joel Fields and Joe Weisberg, the statement adds, “The use of words like ‘occupation’ to describe an indigenous Jewish people defending a homeland that dates back thousands of years, and has been recognized as a state by the United Nations, distorts history. It gives credence to the modern blood libel that fuels a growing anti-Jewish hatred around the world, in the United States, and in Hollywood.”

The missive comes in response to director Jonathan Glazer’s controversial acceptance speech at the Oscars on March 10 after his Holocaust film “The Zone of Interest” won best international film. With producer James Wilson and financier Len Blavatnik standing behind him, Glazer said: “All our choices were made to reflect and confront us in the present, not to say look what they did then, but rather look what we do now. Our film shows where dehumanization leads at its worst. It’s shaped all of our past and present. Right now, we stand here as men who refute their Jewishness and the Holocaust being hijacked by an occupation which has led to conflict for so many innocent people. Whether the victims of October — whether the victims of October the 7th in Israel or the ongoing attack on Gaza, all the victims of this dehumanization, how do we resist?”

After Glazer spoke, he received applause at the Dolby Theatre, some of it enthusiastic like from “Poor Things” star Mark Ruffalo. But the speech became a hot topic in the industry over the ensuing days, with many privately expressing outrage. But few were willing to publicly criticize Glazer’s words outside of Michael Rapaport (a signatory of the letter) and Mayim Bialik, who did so on social media. Blavatnik appeared to distance himself from the speech when his spokesperson told Variety: “His long-standing support of Israel is unwavering.” Others previously interviewed by Variety, like directors Asif Kapadia and Jesse Peretz, expressed support for Glazer’s speech as the “Zone of Interest” director faced condemnation from outside Hollywood.

It is unclear how the open letter came together. Variety spoke to several co-signees who explained why they lent their names to the statement. Among the signatories is Julianna Margulies, who apologized for her own controversial comments about Black and LGBTQ supporters of Palestinian cause.

“His words sounded eerily similar to Vanessa Redgrave’s infamous ‘Zionist hoodlum’ speech,” says “Modern Family” producer Ilana Wernick of Glazer’s speech. “Only this time there was no Paddy Chayefsky to stand up and say the right thing. Sadly, Jew hatred won the day. That’s why so many of us in the industry reached out to each other. It was a very sad, very scary night. Writing the letter wasn’t just cathartic for us. It’s something we had to do.”

“Stranger Things” and “Fleabag” actor Brett Gelman echoed that sentiment. “There was no concern for how Jewish people are going to react to a speech like that, to that applause to those red pins, when not even our hostages are being mentioned, and it’s just incredibly hurtful, incredibly painful,” says Gelman. “It’s truly baffling to me that people were choosing to be silent that night.” (Several Oscar attendees including Ruffalo and Billie Eilish wore an Artists4Ceasefire pin.)

Gelman, who is currently on a book tour for his literary debut “The Terrifying Realm of the Possible: Nearly True Stories,” has seen four stores cancel signings. (According to Gelman’s agent, the venues cited security concerns over pro-Palestinian protestors who have targeted Gelman for his vocal support for Israel).

Others who have made Holocaust films like director Jonathan Jakubowicz took issue with Glazer’s invoking the Nazi regime’s mass murder of Jews in the 1940s as a parallel to the Israeli war in Gaza.

“If Israel had existed in the 1930s and 40s, Auschwitz would not have happened,” says Jakubowicz, who directed “Resistance,” starring Jesse Eisenberg. “Mr. Glazer used the memory of the victims of the gas chambers to attack those trying to rescue Holocaust survivors and their relatives from captivity and sexual slavery. It’s important to call for peace, and we all do. But in this conflict disinformation prolongs the war. And his comments unfortunately gave legitimacy to the propaganda networks interested in prolonging the war to demonize the Jewish people.”

“The Affair” actor Noa Tishby says: “Glazer’s shocking attempt to blame global issues on his Jewishness and the Holocaust reveals the significant disconnect present among some in Hollywood.”

Rabbi Marvin Hier, a two-time Oscar winner who founded the Simon Wiesenthal Center, says he was appalled not just by Glazer’s words but the reaction to them in the Dolby Theatre.

“I couldn’t believe it,” says Hier. “If I didn’t know better, I would think that this was a Hamas rally. Where was the audience? People should have gotten up and booed because he left the Academy Awards [TV audience] thinking this was fine.”

The full statement and a current list of co-signees can be found below:

“We are Jewish creatives, executives and Hollywood professionals. 

We refute our Jewishness being hijacked for the purpose of drawing a moral equivalence between a Nazi regime that sought to exterminate a race of people, and an Israeli nation that seeks to avert its own extermination.  

Every civilian death in Gaza is tragic. Israel is not targeting civilians. It is targeting Hamas. The moment Hamas releases the hostages and surrenders is the moment this heartbreaking war ends. This has been true since the Hamas attacks of October 7th.

The use of words like “occupation” to describe an indigenous Jewish people defending a homeland that dates back thousands of years, and has been recognized as a state by the United Nations, distorts history. 

It gives credence to the modern blood libel that fuels a growing anti-Jewish hatred around the world, in the United States, and in Hollywood.  The current climate of growing antisemitism only underscores the need for the Jewish State of Israel, a place which will always take us in, as no state did during the Holocaust depicted in Mr. Glazer’s film.”

A.M. Driver, SAG
Aaron Erol Ozlevi, Director
Aaron Fishman, DGA, Producer / Director
Aaron Teebor
Adam Berkowitz, Manager/Producer/Strategic Advisor
Adam Friedman, Creative Artists Agency
Adam Gold, Manager / Producer
Adam Goldworm, Manager/Producer
Adam J. Segal, AMPAS / ATAS Publicist / The 2050 Group – Publicity
Adam Kulbersh
Adam Newman
Adam Platzner
Adam Rosenberg
Adam Taylor, APM Music
Adam Tsekhman, Actor/Writer
Adam Waltuch, TelevisaUnivision
Adam Yoelin, PGA
Adrienne Baumann
Aimee Greenberg, Actor/Director/Writer
Airion Chantel, SAG, Performer
Alan Lazar, Composer, Production Music Association Board Member
Alan Morley, Attorney
Alan R. Cohen, WGA
Alan Siegel, PGA, Alan Siegel Entertainment – President, G-BASE- Partner
Alan Younger
Alex Anhalt, Sugar23
Alex Foster
Alex Horn, Author and Editor
Alex Lebovici, Producer
Alex Litvak, WGA, Writer
Alex Meitner
Alex Simon, WGA, Screenwriter
Alex Westerman
Alexa Eden
Alexandra Fishman
Alida Michql, AEA
Alissa Vradenburg
Aliza J. Sokolow
Aliza Rosen
Allison BIbicoff, SAG, Self
Allison Josephs, JITC Hollywood Bureau for Jewish Representation
Allison Lahav
Ally Shuster, Agent
Alon Aranya
Alyssa Hill, WGA, Screenwriter
Amanda Markowitz, SAG/AFTRA, PGA
Amanda Riker
Amir Levi, SAG-AFTRA
Amy Chapman, vocal coach
Amy Engelberg, WGA
Amy Ferris, WGA, Author, Screenwriter
Amy Pascal, Producer
Amy Rapp
Amy Sherman-Palladino, WGA / DGA, Writer/director/producer
Amy Straus, WGA, Writer
Anastasia Esther, Producer, Civic Media
Andrea Barros, Retired
Andrea Cayton
Andrea J Russell, Artist
Andres Grinstein
Andrew Avner
Andrew Fineberg, VFX Editor
Andrew Gurland, WGA/DGA
Andrew Liner, SAG, Actor
Andrew Orenstein, WGA, Writer
Andrew Stearn, PGA, Producer
Andrew Stringfellow, SAG, Grip
Andrew Tetenbaum
Andrew Tetenbaum, ATA, MGMT
Andy Cohen, Manager/Producer
Angela Edwards, Artist
Angela Maus
Anna April-Ross
Anna Golubova
Anna Ruben, SAG
Annelise Bianchini, Actress
Annie Wood, WGA/SAG/AFTRA Actor/Writer/Artist
Anthony Bregman, Producer
Anzhelike Bass, Wardrobe Stylist
Ari Ackerman
Ari Arad
Ari Frenkel, SAG, Actor, / Filmmaker
Ari Luxenberg
Ari Merkin, DGA, Director, Creative Director
Ari Zudkewich
Arie Sharony, Producer/ On The Rocks Films
Ariel Doenyas, Producer
Ariel Nishli
Ariel Vromen, DGA, FilmMaker
Ariella Blejer, WGA
Ariella Noveck
Ariyela Wald-Cohain, CDG 892, COSTUME DESIGNER
Arnold Greenspan, Writer
Arnon Z. Shorr, Filmmaker, screenwriter, author
Art Levitt, Self
Asher Weinberger
Audrey Eisner, Local 705, Costumer
Audrey Kelly
Ava Burton, SAG, Equity Actress
Avi Liberman, SAG/Aftra
Avital Levy
Avital Onn Shachar, Business Affairs
Aviva Pressman, AEA, SAG
Aviva Skurowitz
Avram Butch Kaplan, DGA, Jamsea Productions, Inc
Bar Ben-Yossef
Barbara Garshman, WGAE, Garshman Productions LLV
Barbara Heller SAG, Actor, writer, producer
Barbara Lazaroff, ASID, Commercial designer, restaurateur.
Barbie Kligman, WGA
Barry Blumberg
Barry Cherney, NABET
Barry Rubinowitz, WGA
Barry Schkolnick, WGA, Writer/Producer/Creator
Bart Coleman
Batia Parnass, SAG-AFTRA
Becky Tahel, PGA, SAG-E Producer, Writer, Actress
Ben Berger, Sag-Aftra, Sag-Aftra Actor
Ben Cosgrove, CEO, Leviathan Productions
Ben Feldman
Ben Gleib, SAG
Ben Levin, LINK Entertainment
Ben Mor, DGA, Director
Ben Younger, WGA/DGA
Benjamin Gober
Benjamin Rapoport
Berry Meyerowitz, Quiver Distribution
Bess Kargman, DGA, Director
Beth Milstein, WGAW, Writer
Betsy Borns, WGAW, Writer/Producer
Betty Grobman
Bill Freiberger, WGA, Writer
Bill Masters, WGA
Bob Bookman
Bob Kushell, WGA
Bonnie Greenberg, Music supervisor/producer/professor
Brad Pomerance, Executive VP, Jewish Life Television/JLTV
Bradley J. Fischer, Producers Guild of America, Producer
Bradley Tyer, Associate producer and entertainment, lBawraydelery R. Tyer & Associates
Brandi Cowl
Brenda Claveloux, vocalist
Brett Gelman, Actor and Writer
Brett Gursky, Writer / Director / Producer
Brett St. James, Composer
Brian Etting, DGA, Producer
Brian Frazer
Brian Liebman
Brian Ralston, Society of Composers & Lyricists Composer / Producer
Brian Witten, Film/TV Producer
Bruce Burger, Music Producer and Recording Artist, RebbeSoul
Bruce Feirstein, WGA, Screenwriter
Bruce Franklin, DGA, Producer
Bruce Goldstein, The Cat in Manhattan
Bruce Nachbar, Producer
Bruce Resnikoff
Bruce Rubenstein, WGA, Producer / Writer
Caitlin Gold, Producer
Cameron Curtis
Carin Sage, EVP, Feature Film, Skydance Productions
Carl Schwaber, SAG-AFTRA
Carla Ross
Carly Robyn Green, SAG / SCL BMG
Carmi Zlotnik
Carmit Levité, SAG/AEA, Actress and writer
Carol Greenstein
Carol Ribner
Carolyn Newman
Caryn Bader
Caryn Osofsky, SAG, SAG, actress and director
Cassia Pereira, NA, Project Manager
Catherine Black, SAG-AFTRA, ACTRA, AEA Actor-Director-Writer
Cathy Cahlin Ryan
Cathy Fielding, SAG-AFTRA, Actor
Cathy Lawrence, Production Manager
Charles Joseph
Chava Floryn, Filmmaker/Actress, Twin Rose Media
Chavi Feldman, Israeli artist, mother of IDF soldiers
Chuck Slavin, SAG-AFTRA, Actor
Cindy Kaplan
Claudia Chernitsky
Claudine Jakubowicz, Film Producer
Clifford J. Green, WGAW, Screenwriter
Cody Barnes, Actor
Corey B. Bearak, Esq. Author /The Public Ought to Know
Cory Richman, Manager / Liebman Entertainment
Craig Brody, Manager/Producer
Craig Dorfman
Craig Emanuel, Entertainment Executive
Craig Singer, p.g.a., Producer
Craig Weisz, DGA
D.J. Gugenheim, PGA
D.M. Harring, WGA
Dafna Soltes Stein, Actor, Writer
Dalit Merenfeld, Producer
Dan Adler, Producer
Dan Benz, WGA, writer
Dan Birnbaum
Dan C. Levy, Director / Writer
Dan Deutsch, Chairman / NAIN Switzerland
Dan Ilani, Executive Producer
Dan Kaufman, VFX Supervisor/VFX Producer
Dan Marshall, SAG-AFTRA
Dan Redfeld, AFM, Local 47, Composer
Dan Rosen, DGA, WGA, SAG
Dan Seligmann, Producer
Dan Signer, WGA
Dana Min Goodman
Dani Menkin
Daniel Abeles, SAG, Actor
Daniel Alcheh, SCL
Daniel D. Moses, Director
Daniel Goodman
Daniel Grindlinger, WGA, Writer
Daniel Kaufman, DGA, Director
Daniel Lehrer, WGA, Writer
Daniel P. Astaire, Reputation Management Lawyer
Daniel Rosenberg, WGAe
Daniella Rabbani, SAG-AFTRA, AEA, Actor
Danielle Askin Scott, Salvator Inc
Danielle Lauren, Producer, Director, Innovator
Danielle Pretsfelder Demchick, CSA, Casting Director
Danielle Solzman, Film critic
Danna Rosenthal
Danny Manus, Writer, Script Consultant
Danny Weiss, WGA
Daphne Pressman
Darah Wagner Boaz
Dave Chameides, Local 600, DGA, Camera Operator
Dave Weil, SAG, Comedian
David Abeles, SAG-AFTRA / AEA Actor
David Abrookin
David Axelbaum
David Bar Katz, WGA, Writer/Producer
David Bercovici-Artieda, ICG600, Director
David Bickel, WGA, Writer/Producer
David Brandes, WGA, writer
David Caspi, Golden Globes
David Dodd
DAVID DRAIMAN, Frontman for Disturbed
David Faigenblum, BAFTA, Producer
David Filmore, SAG, WGA, Writer, Director, Actor – Plutonian Films
David Fury, WGA/DGA/SAG-AFTRA, Round Swamp Entertainment
David Goffin, Executive Producer
David Goldschmid, WGA
David Grae, WGA
David Haring
David Jaher, WGA, Screenwriter
David Kahen
David Kekst
David Kendall, WGA/DGA
David Kohan, WGA, Writer-Producer
David L. Greenblatt
David Lanson, Actor/Performer
David Levine
David Levine Founder, Lightboat Media
David Lipper, SAG, Actor, writer, director, producer
David M Bertaccini, Artist
David Manela
David Mullens, Authors guild, Attorney
David N. Weiss, WGA, Writer-Director
David Newman, Executive Producer
David Price, TV Academy, Executive Producer
David Pushett, Chief Business Officer
David Renzer, Creative Community for Peace
David S. Rosenthal, WGA
David Schonberg
David Shore, WGAW, DGA
David Wachtenheim, Director / Animator
David Zabel, WGA
Dean Bahat, Lawyer
Deb Cohen
Debbie Hall, Writer
Debbie Zimmerman
Debi Pomerantz
Deborah Marcus
Deborah Wilker
Debra Kuperberg
Debra Lewin, SAG
Debra McGuire, CDG, Costume Designer
Debra Messing, SAG/AFTRA, Actor/Producer
Deena Stern, Entertainment Marketing Executive
Dena Roth Ampas, Set decorator
Dena Waxman, Executive Producer / Writer
Devorah Firestone, Actress
Devra Maza, WGA/SAG-AFTRA, Screenwriter
Diane Gordon, Music Journalist
Diane Robin, SAG
Diego Chojkier
Doron Dewolf
Dorothy-Ann, HP, Writer
Dory Benami, Distribution Executive / Producer
Doug Davis, Recording Academy, PGA, TV Academy
Doug Mankoff, Producer
Dr Les Glassman, Holocaust Survivor Interviewer, Israeli Philatelic International Commissioner
Eduardo Rossoff, DGA,MDG
Eitan Chitayat, Creative Director
Eitan Sch
Elana Marino, Self-employed writer/content creator
Eldad Guetta, Composer
Elena Rostunova, photographer
Eli Hershko, Writers guild, Director
Eli Roth, Director/Screenwriter
Eli Steele, Producer
Elie Dekel
Elin Hampton, WGA/SAG-AFTRA, Round Swamp Entertainment
Elizabeth Goodstein, Madison Wells Media
Elizabeth Murphy LoConte, J.D.
Elizabeth Ziff, WGA, and SAG/Aftra Musician in the band BETTY
Ellen Burke, Music publishing
Elli Rahn
Ellie Kadosh, Actress
Elon Gold, WGA, SAG/AFTRA, Comedian/Actor/Writer
Elyssa Nicole Trust
Emanuel Nunez, Member at Large Financier/Producer
Emmanuelle Chriqui, Sag Actor
Erez Koskas Sesac, Composer/Executive Producer
Erez Rosenberg, Attorney / Partner at Jackoway Austen et al
Eric Feig, Entertainment Attorney
Eric Fineman
Eric Tuchman, WGA, writer-producer
Erica Daniels
Erik Hyman
Erik Shapiro, WGAW, Writer
Erika Lieberman, Composer/Harpist
Ernest R Smith, Self
Ernie Barbarash, DGA, WGA
Estelle Lasher
Esther Netter
Ethan Bearman, SAG-AFTRA, Entertainment Attorney
Ettie Ethel Flax, N/a Yoga instructor, Artist
Eva lecerof
Evan Blank, Writer-Director
Evan Silver, DGA, Director / Writer
Evelyn Alpert
Eyal Kaczur
Faye Detsky-Weil
Felicia Gorelik
Fernando Szew
Fonda Snyder, Producer
Frances Zealander, BAFTA, AGENT
Franklyn Gottbetter, DGA, Producer
Fred Powers
Fred Raskin, ACE, Film Editor
Freddy Zalta, Author, actor
Frederic Richter
Gabriel Kahane, Director, / Writer / Producer
Gabriel Mann, Composer
Gabriel Roth None, Producer/Director
Gabriela Tscherniak, DGA, Director
Gabrielle Neimand, PGA
Gail Berman, PGA, Producer
Gail Goldberg, CSA, Casting Director
Gail Katz, PGA, Producer
Gary Barber, Spyglass Media Group
Gary Foster
Gary Gilbert, Gilbert Films
Gary Jacobs, Freelance Camera op, drone pilot, editor, post producer
Gastón Bernstein
Geoff Silverman, Producers the Cartel Literary Management
Geoffrey Cantor, SAG-AFTRA, Actor
George Gallagher, SAG-AFTRA
Gerald Koval
Gérard Lartigue, sculptor (artist)
Gideon Bear Hamot, Producer
Gil Goldschein
Gillian Granoff, Writer
Ginette Rhodes, SAG AFTRA, AEA
Gino Cedés, Talent Service Intl
Glenn Geiger-Cole, Filmmaker
Glenn Rigberg, Talent manager/Producer
Golan Ramraz, writer/producer
Goldy Moldavsky, Author
Greg Hoffman, Actor
Gregg Simon, DGA, Director
Gregory Mogilevsky
Guri Weinberg, SAG/AFTRA, Actor
Gustavo Lipsztein
Guy Moshe, DGA, WGA, Writer, Director
Gwen Hollander, SAG/AFTRA
Halle Stanford, PGA, Jim Henson Company
Hank Steinberg, WGA, / DGA Writer / Director / Producer
Hannah Louise Shearer, WGAw, Writer
Hannah Tuber
Harris Tzvi Hartman, Attorney
Hawk Koch, PGA, DGA, AMPAS, Producer
Heshy Rosenwasser, Musician and songwriter / The Hesh Inc.
Hillel Fuld
Holly Hubsher, Producer
Hope Levy, Sag Aftra, Actress
Hopper Stone, ICG, Local 600, Still Photographer
Howard Goldberg, Writer/Director/Producer
Howard Michael Gould, Writer
Howard Reichman, Producer/director
Howie Breslau, SAG-AFTRA, Actor/Principal – Double Entendre Venturz
Iddo Goldberg, SAG, Actor
Ilana D. Millrt, Writer
Ilana Wernick, WGA, Writer-Producer
Ilona Sturm, Artist
Inbal B. Lessner, ACE Executive, Producer/Editor
Ingrid Jean-Baptiste, SAG-AFTRA, Founder & Artistic Director/Chelsea Film Festival
Inon Shampanier, WGA
Ira Steven Behr, WGA, Writer/Producer
Irene Weibel
Itay Reiss
Ivan Menchell, Writers Guild, Writer/Producer
Ivor Spitalnik
Jacey Stamler, 705, Wardrobe Supervisor
Jack David Walker, SAG-AFTRA
Jack Plotnick, SAG/AFTRA Actor
Jack Rosenberg, Retired Orthodontist
Jackie Eco, SAG-AFTRA, Producer/Comic/Director/Writer
Jacky Talpalar, Post-production artist
Jacob Fenton, UTA, Agent
Jacob Stark, Writer/Producer
Jaime Becker
Jaime Eliezer Karas, DGA
Jake Ehrenreich, TV Host – Broadway Entertainer
James Beaman, SAG/AFTRA, Actor/Writer
James Gavsie, Producer
James Kirchick
Jamie Bialkower
Jamie Denbo, WGA, SAG-AFTRA, CO-EP Grey’s Anatomy
Jamie Elman, SAG, WGA, YidLife Crisis
Jamie Gulin
Jan Fleury
Jan Oxenberg, WGA
Janice Figman
Janice R. Brenman, Attorney
Jared Chiang-Zeizel, Creative Producer/Writer
Jared Sleisenger
Jarred Weisfeld, Publishing
Jason A. Kessler WGA, Screenwriter
Jason Beekman, Wise Child Studios – Co-Founder
Jason Gurvitz, SAG
Jason Newman, Manager / Untitled Entertainment
Jason Venokur, WGA
Javier Gaztelumendi
Jay Kogen, wga, dga, sag-aftra, WRITER/Producer/Director
Jay Shore
Jeff Astrof WGA, Writer/Showrunner
Jeff Ehrenreich
Jeff Fierson, PGA, Producer
Jeff Frumess, Filmmaker
Jeff Greenberg Gersh
Jeff Handel
Jeff Kesselman, WGA, Writer/director/producer/editor
Jeff Kitt
Jeff Pinkner, WGA, member
Jeff Rake, WGA, Writer/Showrunner
Jeff Sackman, academy President, Quiver Distribution
Jeff Schimmel, WGA, Writer/Producer
Jeffrey Braer Former, SAG/AFTRA, Independent Writer/Producer.
Jeffrey L. Stein
Jeffrey Reiss, Cable TV executive/TCI & Viacom
Jen Judge
Jena Finn, SAG AFTRA, Actor
Jenette Goldstein, SAG/AFTRA, AEA
Jenn Levine, Writer / Producer
Jennifer jason leigh
Jennifer Maisel, WGA, Playwright/Screenwriter
Jennifer Shakeshaft, SAG, Self
Jennifer Smith, GMS (Guild Of Music Supervisors), Music Supervisor
Jeremy Aluma, SDC, Theatre Director & Producer
Jeremy Broekman, Publicist
Jeremy Drysdale, WGA, Screenwriter
Jeremy Elice, Writer
Jeremy Garelick, WGA/DGA
Jeremy Goldscheider, Producer
Jeremy Kagan, DGA, WGA, PGA
Jeremy Lehrer-Graiwer, WGA, Writer
Jeremy Padow, Screenwriter
Jeremy Powell, WGA / IATSE
Jerry D Schneider
Jerry Weil, SAG-AFTRA, Actor
Jeryll Adler, SAG AFTRA, Actor, Film Marketing specialist
Jesse Samuels, IATSE, 891, Cutter
Jesse Schiller, PGA, Producer
Jessica Leventhal, WGA
Jessica Ruth Freedman, UBCP/ACTRA
Jessica Sherman, CSA, Casting Director
Jessica Switch, PGA, Producer
Jill Kargman, WGA/SAG
Jill Selkowitz, SAG, Blogger
Jill Shinderman, Barclay Square Media and Books
Jillian Federman, SAG, Actor
JJ Adler, Dga, Director
Jo LaMond, WGA, Self
Joanie Leeds, Recording Academy
Joanna yarnell, LPN
Jodi Fleisher, SAG/Aftra Actor
Jodi Lieberman, Talent Manager
Joe Bolser
Joe Montifiore, Talent Representative
Joe Pearlman
Joe Preston
Joe Weisberg
Joel Blasberg, WGA, Writer/Producer
Joel Fields, WGA
Joel H. Cohen, WGA
Joel Michaely
Joelle Boucai, WGA
Joey Jupiter-Levin, SAG/Aftra Fi-Core Actress
John Altman
John Fogelman
Jon Polk
Jon Weinbach President, Skydance Sports
Jonah Platt, WGA, SAG
Jonathan Baruch
Jonathan Fener, WGA
Jonathan Geffner, Filmmaker/Ventriloquist
Jonathan Gordon, PGA, Producer
Jonathan Herman, WGA
Jonathan Jakubowicz, Wga, Writer & Director
Jonathan Lipnicki, Actor/ Producer
Jonathan Posner
Jonathan Prince, WGA, DGA, SAG
Jonathan Rosen
Jonathan Tropper
Jonathan Yunger, PGA, Millennium Media
Jonny Caplan, WGA, Impossible Media
Jonny Umansky, WGA, Screenwriter
Jordan B. Gorfinkel, Avalanche Comics Entertainment & JewishCartoon
Jordan Bielsky, SAG, Actor, Producer, Writer
Jordan Kurland, Brilliant Corners Artist Management
Jordan Roberts, SAG-AFTRA, Actor & Producer, Content Creator
Jose Zisman
Joseph Helmreich
Joseph Steinberg
Josh Fisher, Producer
Josh Goldin, WGA, Screenwriter
Josh Litman
Josh Schaer, WGA, TV writer / producer
Josh Silver, Personal manager
Joshua Abramson
Joshua Katz, WGA
Josie Davis, SAG/AFTRA
Joy Darash, SAG-AFTRA
Jt Diaz, Producer; Writer; Set Operations
Judd Rubin
Judie Aronson, SAG-AFTRA
Judy Gols, Sag/Aftra, WGA, Actors Equity
Julia Shur
Julia Victoria
Julian Roberts, Writer, Director, Producer – Omega Pictures
Julianna Margulies, SAG-AFTRA, Actor
Julie D. Holman, WIFT Independent film, Director, writer, and producer
Julie Slotnik Sturm, NY Emmy Winning Producer
Juliet Wolf, Consultant
Justin Arnold, SAG-AFTRA, Actor
Justin Horowitz, United Scenic Artists, Local 829, Scenic Artist
Kadia Saraf, SAG and WGA-E, Actor and Writer
Karen Morse, WGA, Screenwriter
Karen Payne, federation
Kari Hollend, Producer
Karynne Tencer, Tencer & Assoc Public Relations
Kate Cohen, DGA, PGA, Producer/Director
Katie Walder, SAG-AFTRA, Varied
Keetgi Kogan Steinberg, WGA, Writer/Producer/Showrunner
Keith Eisner, WGA, Showrunner
Ken Fermaglich
Ken Hertz, Hertz Lichtenstein, Young & Polk
Ken Toltz, Writer
Kenin M. Spivak
Keren Hantman, 1st AD
Kevin Asch
Kevin Bright, DGA, Producer/Director
Kevin Lawrence
Kimberly Ehrlich, CSA, Associate Casting Director
Kimberly Karp, WGA, Writer/Producer
Kimberly Wallis, SAG/AFTRA, Actor
Kory Lunsford, Producer
Kosha Dillz, Rapper / Comic / Actor
Koura Linda, Space Dream Productions
Kurt Haas, L871, Writer/Actor/Script Coordinator
Lachlan Saville, Actor
Lana Melman, Authors Guild Writer
Lanie Siegel
Larry Chernoff, CEO / MTI Film
Laszlo Nagy
Laura Wolner, WGA
Laurel Levey, SAG-AFTRA, Actress
Lauren Cohn, Attorney
Lauren Cooper, Post Producer
Lauren Fox
Lauren Sands
Laurie Graff, SAG-AFTRA/AEA/Dramatist’s Guild
Laurie Israel, WGA, TAG
Laurie Seidman, Producers Guild, Producer
Lawrence Bender, Producer
Lawrence Kaplan
Lea Majer
Leah Gottfried
Leah McGrady
Leah McSweeney
Lee Amir-Cohen
Lee Broda, SAG AND PGA, Producer and actress
Lee Trink
Lee Weinberg, Weinberg Gonser LLP
Leeann Williams
Leo Pearlman
Leo Schaff, SAG-AFTRA, Actor/Songwriter/Teaching Artist
Leonard Dick
Leora Rosner, Photographer
Les Cahan
Leslie Belzberg, AMPAS, PGA Self Employed
Leslie Oren
Leslie Schapira, WGA, Writer/Producer
Lev L. Spiro, DGA, Director
Levi Coleman
Levi Kaminkowitz, Gaffer
Liane Pritikin
Liel Dahan
Lili Mirojnick, SAG-AFTRA
Lilian Dayan Cimadoro
Limor Gott, Producer
Linda Burstyn, WGA
Linda Wagner
Lior Rosner, ASCAP, Rosner Music Inc.
Liron Artzi
Lisa Edelstein, SAG/AFTRA, DGA, WGA, Actor, director, writer
Lisa Feldsher
Lisa Goldstein
Lisa Greene, SAG-AFTRA Actor/VO/Radio Personality/Makeup Artist
Lisa Shapiro
Lisa Ullmann, Producer and Social Impact
Liz Hartzman, Photographer
Logan Scrot
Loni Steele Sosthand, WGA, Writer, Producer
Lori Alan, SAG-AFTRA, Actress/producer/writer
Lori Ginsberg
Lorin Green
Loris Kramer, Lunsford Producer
Lynn Harris, PGA:AMPAS, Producer
Lynn Roth, WGA, DGA, Writer/Director/Producer
Lynn Zamick
Lynn Zises
M.J. Kang, WGA, SAG-AFTRA Writer, Actor
Madison Montgomery, ASCAP, Songwriter/Composer
Malcolm Green, Film and Commercials Director
Mandana Dayani
Mandy Mitchell, Wardrobe Stylist
Marc Blitstein, WGA
Marc Dorwitt, CWA
Marc Erlbaum
Marc Guggenheim, WGA, DGA, PGA, Animation Guild, Writer/Producer
Marci Liroff, AMPAS, Intimacy Coordination
Marcus J Freed, SAG-e
Margrit Polak, Talent Manager
Mariana Belfer
Marilee Albert, WGA, Writer/Producer
Marisa Book, Actress
Marisa Scheinfeld, Photographer and Author
Mark Feuerstein, SAG, DGA, WGA Actor
Mark Ira Kaufman
Mark Jacobovitch, IBEW, local union 3
Mark Kaufman, Film/Theatre Executive
Mark Lieber, CEO Infinity Festival Hollywood
Mark Liflander, Photographer
Mark Moskowitz, Producer
Mark Pellegrino, SAG, Actor
Mark Reisman, WGA
Mark Schiff
Markus Kublin, Writer
Marla Friedson, Freelance Producer
Marni Banack, DGC
Marni Flans
Marnie Briskin, Manager, Circle of confusion
Marta Rubenstein, SAG
Martin Blankemeyer, European Film Academy, German Film Academy, Director’s, Producer’s Guild of Germany
Marty Adelstein, PGA, Tomorrow Studios
Matt Ritter, SAG, Screenwriter/Producer/Actor
Matthew Hiltzik
Matthew Mishory, Director
Matthew Salsberg, wga, writer, producer
Matthew Tyler Vorce, SAG, Actor/writer/dirextor
Matthew Weiner, WGA, DGA, PGA
Matti Leshem, WGA, Writer, Producer
Max Jacoby
Maya Lasry
Meg Ross
MEITAL AZULAY, SAG, Artist/ Actress/ Musician
Melissa Byer, WGA
Melissa Center, Actor, Filmmaker
Melissa Greenspan, Sag-aftra
Melissa Maguire, Actor
Melissa Romero
Melissa Rosenberg, WGA, Showrunner
Melissa Schreiber
Melissa Zukerman
Menachem Silverstein, Comedian
Micha Liberman, 700, editors guild, Owner Mind Meld Arts
Michael Auerbach
Michael B. Kaplan, WGA
Michael Berner
Michael Berns, WGA, Writer/Producer
Michael Borkow, WGA
Michael Burgher, Video Editor/Producer
Michael Diamond, Talent Manager / MGMT Entertainment
Michael Ehrenberg, Actor/coach /facilitator
Michael Garin, SAG/AFTRA Pianist/Actor
Michael Glouberman
Michael Goldstein, Los Angeles Press Club, Journalist and Playwright
Michael Konyves
Michael Lewis, Agent
Michael Malone
Michael Miller, Executive, In Charge of Production
Michael Pelmont, Manager
Michael Rapaport, Actor/Disruptor
Michael Robertson Moore
Michael S. Parris
Michael Schwartz
Michael Sobel
Michael Tessler
Michael Wegrzyn
Michael Younesi, DGA
Michael Z Wechsler, Producers Guild, Writer and Director
Michal Schick
Michelle Finkelstein
Michelle Kaufer
Michelle Lerman
Micky Levy, WGA, Writer/Director
Mike Karz, Gulfstream Pictures
Mike Marcus, manager/producer
Mikhail Nayfeld, Heroes and Villains Entertainment
Mimi Steinberg, Writer/producer
Miranda Bailey, Sag, pga, academy member, Cold iron pictures
Miriam Arni
Miriam Durrie-Kirsch, Choreographer/Dancer
Miriam Rosenthal
Mirjam Benaiah
Mitchell Akselrad, WGA
Mitchell James Kaplan, WGA West (as Chip Kaplan), Author, Screenwriter
Mitchell Peck, Producer
Molly Kasch, SAG-AFTRA, International Screenwriters’ Association
Monica Osborne
Montana Tucker
Mor Zucker
Moran Atias, SAG, Actress producer
Moti Vacknin
Myriam Querub
Nancy Cohen, WGA, Writer/Producer
Nancy Spielberg, Producer
Naomi Aaronson, New York State
Nash DoubleMint Dean
Natalie Marciano, President/ Producer
Natalie Shampanier, WGA
Natasha Yuzefovich
Nathalie Hoffman, Entertainment Attorney
Nathan Firer
Neil A. Cohen
Neil Blair
Neil Turitz
Nicholas Britt, Architect
Nick Greene, SAG
Nicky Austin, Hair and Make up Head
Nicola Posener, SAG AFTRA, Actor
Nicole Czarnecki Author, painter, blogger
Nicole Kohanof, Business Affairs Executive at IAG
Nicole Rocklin, Producer
Noa Tishby, SAG, Author
Noah Smith, SAG-AFTRA
Noam Ash, Writer, actor
Noam Friedlander, Authors Guild, Self
Nomi Waksberg
Nurit Ilana Zabludovsky
Oded Turgeman, Producer The operating room
Odeya Rush
Olaf Isele
Olivia Michael, AEA
Omri Horowitz, SAG
Omri Lahav
Omri Rose
Ophira Dagan, Producer
Oren Castro, Local 700, Director / Editor
Ori Elon Shtisel, Screenwriter
Ornit Barkai
Pam Cofre, Artist
Pam Reynolds, AMPAS / Executive branch Amazon MGM Studios
Pamela Davis, WGA
Pamela Eisen
Pamela Roth
Patricia Randell, SAG-AFTRA, Actor
Patrick Hamza Twomey, BECTU, Lighting Technician
Patrick Moss, WGA
Paul A Mendelson, WGGB, Screenwriter and author
Paul Almond, Academy attorney
Paul Greenberg, Director
Paul Weitzman, Literary Agent
Pearl Gluck, Palinka Pictures
Penka Kouneva, AMPAS, SCL, Film composer
Penny Allen, Event Planner
Perry Birman, Self
Peter Burman, SAG/AFTRA, Lawyer
Peter Landesman, DGA, Director/Writer
Peter Lenkov, WGA
Peter Samuelson, AMPAS, PGA, BAFTA, Producer
Phil Leavitt, SAG-AFTRA, Musician/Voiceover Artist
Philip Oppenheim
Phyllis B.Levitas, Attorney
Phyllis Strong, WGA
PJ Gacg
Po Kutchins, Showrunner
Rabbi David Wolpe, Sinai Temple/ Harvard U
Rabbi Marvin Hier
Rabbi Steve Leser, Wilshire Boulevard Temple
Rabbi Yonah Bookstein
Rachael Shapiro
Rachel Greenberg
Rachel Kamerman, Art Directors Guild, local #800
Rachel Kaplan, PGA
Rachel Lewkowicz
Rachel Seymour
Rachel Weingarten, American Society of Journalists and Authors, Journalist/Author
Rahman Daneshgar, Retired
Rakefet Abergel, SAG AFTRA
Rami Rivera Frankl, DGA
Raphael Margules
Raquel Barnatan, Painter
Raqueli Dahan-Gonen, MUAHS, Makeup artist Tv & Film
Raymond Leon Roker, Creator
Rebecca Mall, CMO
Rebecca Thomas, Agent
Rebecca Windsor
Regina Nemni, SAG-AFTRA, Actor
Reinhard Denke, WGA, American Federal of Musicians, Locals 47 & 1, Screenwriter – self employed
Remy Bohrer
Rena Strober, Sag-Aftra, Actor
René Ifrah, SAG-AFTRA, Actor
Rev Rach
Rhonda Price
Rica Mendes, Hair/MUA
Rich Freeman, Manager / Code Entertainment
Richard Gabai, DGA, Sag/Aftra Director/Actor
Richard Potter, WGA, Writer/Producer/Former Executive
Richard Trank, Writer/Producer/Director
Rina Mimoun, WGA
Rinat Arinos
Rob Kutner, WGA, Writer-Producer
Rob Lee, PGA
Rob Levi, WGA & Local 600, International Cinematography Guild
Rob Worsoff, Producer / Director
Robert Glaser
Robert Golenberg, Producer/Manager
Robert Kaplan
Robert Lantos, PGA, Producer
Robert Mark Kamen, WGA, Screenwriter
Robert Rovner, WGA, Writer/Producer
Robin Carus, CSA, Casting Director
Robin Lippin, Local 399 and CSA, casting director
Robin Newman, Teacher
Robyn Bluestone
Robyn Wiener, DGC, Producer
Rochel Saks, Manager
Rod Lurie, DGA, WGA
Roger Kumble, WGA
Roi Wol
Roman Kopelevich, CEO / Red Sea Media Inc.
Ron Rappaport, WGA
Ron West, Thruline Entertainment
Rona Geller
Ronit Asheri Sandler, Actress
Ross Boyask
Ross Greenberg
Ross Novie, DGA, Director / 1st AD
Ross Siegel
Rosser Goodman, PGA, Circle Content
Rotem Alima, Executive Producer
Roy Schwartz, Writer, author, historian
Ruben Talberg, Sculptor
Russel Harvey
Ryan Gaines, NA, Mutiny Recordings
Ryan Guiterman, Writer-Director
Ryan Kavanaugh
Ryan Sassouni
Sadaf Cohen Muncy
Salome Breziner, Producer/Director
Salvador Litvak
Sam Feuer, SAG/AFTRA, Actor/Producer
Sam Glassenberg
Sam Sandak, WGA, Writer / Producer
Sam Wasserman, Producers Guild, Academy of Television Producer
Samantha Ettus, Founder, 2024 New Voices
Sami Kolko, SAG AFTRA, Actor / Producer
Sami Posner, GMS (Guild of Music Supervisors), Blue Lily Music
Sammy Horowitz, WGA, Writer
Samuel A. Levine
Samuel Franco, WGA
Samuel J. Reich, Producer
Samuel Kincaid
Sandra Paine, Writer
Sandy Lerman
Sara Ingram
Sarah Afkami, WGA, Writer
Sarah Barker
Sari Sanchez, SAG-AFTRA, Actor/ Writer
Saul Blinkoff
Scott Cross, Producer
Scott Kaufman
Scott Levine, DGA, Producer
Scott Melrose, Talent Agent
Scott Mitchell Rosenberg, CEO, Platinum Studios Inc.
Scott Rosenbaum
Scott Rosenfelt, WGA, DGA, Writer/Producer/Director
Sean Michael
Sebastian Allberg, WGA
Seno Bril
Sepideh Makabi, Director
Sergio Posternak
Seth Allman Bloom, SAG/AFTRA, Actor/Writer
Seth Fisher
Seth Kurland, WGA, Writer/Producer
Seth Nesenholtz, Writer
Seth Rudetsky, Sag/Aftra, WGA East Actor, radio host, writer, musician
Shael Rosenbaum, Producer
Shahar Ben-Yosef, Industry
Shaked Berenson, pga
Shana Meyerson
Shani Atias, SAG AFTRA, Actress
Shanni Suissa, CEO, Jews Talk Justice
Shara Ashley Zeiger, SAG-AFTRA, Actor
Sharon Bialy, CSA, Academy of Motion Pictures Member, Casting Director
Sharon Diamondstein
Sharon Eisenberg-Cytrynbaum, Communications Design, Playfully Posh Pixels
Sharon Farber, Film composer
Sharon Lieblein, CSA, teamsters, local 399, Casting Director
Sharona Beck
Shauna Perlman, Agent
Shawn M. Fonk, Olam Broadcasting Inc. /Radio-J.com
Shawn Pelofsky, SAG/AFTRA, Producer
Sheer Aviram, Actress / Writer / Director
Shep Rosenman, Attorney
Sherri Goldstein
Sherry Lansing
Shie Rozow, Motion Picture Editors Guild, Composer, Music Editor
Shir Samari
Shira Rosenfeld, Creative producer
Shira Yoram, Producer
Shirly Brener, SAG Actress , Producer
Shoshana James
Shoshana Schvarcz
Simcha Jacobovici, Filmmaker
Simcha Weinstein, Freelance
Simon Halfon, BAFTA nominated producer
Siri Garber Platform, Public Relations/CEO
Sophie Kargman, DGA, Director
Soxi Melamdowitz
Spencer Berman, Producer
Spencer Klein, Founder & Executive Producer of Wild Oak Productions
Stacey Levin
Stacey Perry, Public Relations Executive
Stacey Tenenbaum, CSA
Stacy Sarner, The Walt Disney Company
Stefanie Epstein, PGA, Producer
Stella Evans, Self
Stephanie E. Felsburg
Stephanie Liss, WGAW, DRAMATISTS GUILD, Writer
Stephen Levinson, WGA-E
Stephen Morgan
Sternberg Harriet, Harriet Sternberg Management, Inc.
Steve Silver
Steven E Gordon, 839 and 800, Director, Wild Canary
Steven Kopp
Steven Marmalstein, WGA
Steven R. Schimmel
Steven Schub, SAG-AFTRA, Actor
Stuart Acher, Director/W riter
Stuart Goldstein, Entertainment Attorney
Stuart N.Brotman, Entertainment and Media Law Professor
Sue Kramer, WGA/DGA, Writer/Director
Sue Steinberg
Susan Kaplan, Teacher
Susan Rovner
Susan Rudick, SAG-AFTRA, Actor
Suzanne Zucker Webb, Dream Matrices
Sylvie Shapira
Szegő Edit
Tali Reuben
Talia Hoz
Tamar Lea Hazout
Tamar Pelzig
Tamar Simon, BAFTA, Film Distributor and Publicist
Tamara Becher-Wilkinson, WGA
Tara Strong, SAG/ACTRA, Actress
Terry Serpico, SAG AFTRA, WGAE Actor, Writer, Director
Tiffany Haimof Wasserman, Senior Director, Business Affairs
Tiffany Lo, WGA
Tim Milgram, Director / Producer
Todd Felderstein, Writer / Director / Producer
Todd Wider, PGA, Producer
Tommaso Cardile, Filmmaker
Toni Gandel
Tony Munson
Traci Szymanski
Tracy Quinn
Tracy-Ann Oberman, Actor
Trenton B. Magid
Tumama Entanga Simmons, SAG, Actor, Fox studios
Vickie Knowles
Victoria Gordon
Vincent LeGrow
Warren Lewis, WGA
Wendy Engelberg, WGA
Wendy Sachs, WGA, Director/Producer
Willa Horowitz
William Schmidt, WGA, Writer
Yaakov Carriger
Yael Swerdlow, Video Game Industry CEO/Founder Maestro Games SPC
Yahm Steinberg, Actor
Yaniv Fituci, Producer
Yuni Sher, CAA
Yuri Rutman, SAG
Yuval David, SAGAFTRA, AEA Actor, Director, Journalist
Zachary Taylor, WGAW, Screenwriter
Ziba Terrio
Ziv Sade
Zusha Goldin, Celebrity Photographer

Update: A previous version of this article included a link to sign the letter, as well as one false name (Riverto Thesea) signed to the letter.

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