These clever packing cubes will revolutionise your suitcase organisation

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These packing cubes will have your suitcase organised in minutes. (Getty Images)
These packing cubes will have your suitcase organised in minutes. (Getty Images)

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Although going on holiday is exciting, there is one thing that few look forward to: Packing.

Trying to work out outfits that cover all weather possibilities, then squeezing toiletries, shoes and accessories into a suitcase that's never quite big enough is always a chore.

But we may have found a solution to eliminate most of the faff. Enter Packing Cubes: the smart way to organise your suitcase.

Currently an Amazon bestseller, this 8-piece set is pretty affordable at £21.99. And with over 1,500 predominantly four and five-star ratings, it's clear this packing solution is reducing at least some of the current travel misery.

Why we rate it:

The lightweight set contains four mesh packing cubes, along with one drawstring bag, one cloth bag, a shoe bag, and a pouch. The sets come in eight colourways, from black to pink, pastel blue and even a sunshine-bright yellow. Note: The content of each set varies so check carefully before you buy.

Whether you use some of them in your carry-on luggage or are packing a larger case for a longer holiday, there's something that will suit all your needs.

If you're thinking "what is the point of packing cubes?" the answer is simple - they will help you organise your suitcase better because you can assign a cube to each 'type of item' (eg one for underwear, one for tops, one for dresses/skirts, one for shoes etc), fit more in because they help compress everything, and keep your clothes looking less crushed.

Another way they help? If you need to find something in your case before you travel, instead of having to uproot everything and then have the hassle of repacking it all, you simply locate the cube/pouch or bag you've put it in.

Take the hassle out of packing with this useful set. (Amazon)
Take the hassle out of packing with this useful set. (Amazon)
The packing cubes even make unpacking a breeze, too. (Amazon)
The packing cubes even make unpacking a breeze, too. (Amazon)

£21.99 at Amazon

If you're worried about your cosmetics spilling or getting damaged then there's a waterproof makeup bag which means nothing can leak on your clothing.

And the handy shoe pouch means the soles of your shoes aren't resting against any of your clean clothing.

If you've fitted in a last-minute swim before flying back to the UK, you can stick your damp swimming cossie in a waterproof bag from the set so it doesn't make everything else wet.

Not sure where to put your dirty underwear while you're away? There's a pouch for that, too.

As you can tell, this packing cube set has so many possible uses it's a smart and affordable investment that'll help take the hassle out of your holiday packing for years to come.

What the reviews say

There's a reason these packing cubes have made the Amazon Best-Seller list - they make both packing and unpacking much simpler.

Shoppers have not only found them useful for travel, but also for storage at home too - with one reviewer saying that she uses them to pack away her summer clothes when the weather gets cooler, and people buying multiple sets to give to loved ones, too.

And they seem to be the perfect set to lose your 'packing cube virginity' to because lots of first-timers have found this set to be an amazing introduction to being a more organised packer.

One customer even described the packing cubes as an "eye opener" because she'd always considered herself a good packer until she used this set.

A reviewer even called them the "cubes of joy" while another happy user claimed they're an "absolute game changer" because she got so much more in her case than her husband (who'd not used the cubes).

But the highest praise is from airline crew member who said out of all the cubes she'd tried, the BETLLEMORY Packing Cubes 8 Set is by far the best.

Buy it: BETLLEMORY Packing Cubes 8 Sets Travel Luggage Organizers with Waterproof Shoe Storage Bag | £21.99 from Amazon

The set of packing cubes is the solution to your packing woes. (Amazon)
The set of packing cubes is the solution to your packing woes. (Amazon)

£21.99 at Amazon

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