See How Our Favorite Cool-Girl Nail Artist Packs for Vacation

Christine Whitney
M.P. Nails's Madeline Poole is heading off on vacation this summer. See what she plans to pack in her luggage.

It would be fair to say that editorial nail artist Madeline Poole (aka @mpnails) is the woman who’s launched a thousand nail trends. You might recognize her impeccable, often outré designs (think: crystals, evil eyes, and impossibly precise graphic patterns) from Instagram, or else just about every fashion magazine under the sun (InStyle included). She’s also the Global Color Ambassador for polish monolith Sally Hansen, and is a backstage fixture during Fashion Week. This summer, the artist is taking some well-deserved time off for a trip to Ocean City, Maryland with an international friend crew. Read on to find out how (and what) Poole will be packing.


The last trip I went on was a month ago to Morocco with my sisters and one of my best friends. We went to explore and because my dad always wanted to go there and never made it. So it was kind of an homage to him! Over the summer I'm going with a bunch of friends to Ocean City, Maryland which is a funny beach town I grew up going to. I think it's kind of fascinating for people who are from different places—especially my friends coming from London—because it's very American.


I'm a neurotic packer and an over-planner. I usually try to make a look for each day and pack in outfits so I'm not missing anything or bringing unnecessary options. Checking baggage makes me anxious and I just like to have it all ready to go so I don't have to think about what to wear in the morning.