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281 Kennedy Rd.

Pretty normal so far. (Zoocasa)

They paid what?? $500,000 gets you a Toronto house that is the stuff of nightmares

Realtors will often tell sellers to stage their home in a crisp and inviting fashion to bring in bigger offers.

The owner of this modest Toronto residence decided to go the other way. Whoever slapped this online listing together figured the fast-paced market would yield a buyer without the slightest aesthetic consideration. They were right.

281 Kennedy Rd. sold for $525,000, $25,100 above the $499,900 asking price.

The buyer was able to look past the clutter, dilapidated garage, mysteriously open freezer door covered in magnets, multiple kitchen cabinets left ajar, and the super creepy photo of the basement.

The lack of attention to detail is truly stunning. The photographer didn’t even open the window or turn on lights in the basement, giving the bar area a shadowy, cloaked in darkness kind of vibe.

Click through the slideshow to see more of the home and let us know in the comments below if you think the price for this house is fair.

(Images courtesy Zoocasa)

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