Palace Staff Made a Super Weird New Rule About Kate Middleton's Outfits

Thanks to the fact that she does dozens (hundreds?) of royal engagements per year, has good taste, a huge budget, and a personal stylist, a LOT of attention is paid to Kate Middleton's outfits. Like, there are entire Instagram accounts devoted to cataloguing what she wears. But the palace just made it much harder for people to ID the Princess of Wales's looks thanks to a new rule: they'll no longer be sharing outfit details at public events.

Per The Express, palace officials are "refusing" to provide details on Kate's outfits "amid frustration that so much media coverage is focused on what she wears." The outlet notes that they've previously provided outfit details for "every official engagement," except less formal visits to farms or gardens.

the princess of wales visits colham manor children's centre with the maternal mental health alliance
Karwai Tang - Getty Images

While the palace is now said to be "routinely refusing to say" what Kate's wearing, they will provide details if they event is super fancy—like a state visit or overseas royal tour where Kate is "deploying fashion diplomacy" by wearing an item designed by someone in the "host nation."

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While this move is obviously meant to focus attention on Kate's charitable engagements, there's nothing wrong with enjoying her fashion and supporting the designers she wears.

And side note while we're here, much of Kate's signature look is the work of stylist Natasha Archer, whose been working with her for years. Back in 2014, a source told Vanity Fair that "Initially Kate was a reluctant fashion icon, but now she enjoys it. Tash helps source some of the clothes. She shops a lot for Kate online, and calls in hundreds of dresses for Kate to try on. She has persuaded Kate to take some more risks. The hemlines are shorter and Kate’s really pushing the boat out in the fashion stakes."

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