Papa John's wants you to know it supports protesting NFL players and hates Nazis

Remember the uproar Papa John’s started when CEO John Schnatter blamed sagging pizza sales on NFL players protesting during the national anthem? Yeah, well, that’s back, sort of, as the pizza chain issued a tepid apology on Tuesday  – about two weeks after the fact   – and in doing so took a swipe at neo-Nazis.

Welcome to 2017.

Papa John’s CEO John Schnatter (middle), pictured with Archie Manning (left) and J.J. Watt spoke out against protesting NFL players earlier this month. (AP)

Here’s how it played out on Twitter:

Papa John’s is one of the biggest NFL sponsors. It apparently became the pizza of choice for some white supremacists who voiced their support for the pizza chain. That didn’t go over well with Papa J, who helped write the tweets according to the company’s Twitter feed. Papa John ripping the NFL wasn’t good for business either: The Associated Press said the company’s stock slipped by about 13 percent since Schnatter’s comments.

Outside of the people who cheered against Indiana Jones in “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” this is sure to raise up Papa John’s Yelp ratings, right?