These parents are blaming their daughter for getting left behind by their cruise ship

Dad and daughter pointing from cruise ship

If you’ve ever been on a cruise before, you know how much they drill into you that when you go on excursions or leave the ship at any port cities, if you aren’t back on time, you will be left behind. Cruise ships simply do not wait around for late passengers. End of story. But one poor teen on Reddit’s “Am I the A——” forum posted a story where their parents didn’t make it back on time during a family cruise—and somehow expected their teenage child to get the ship to wait for them.

“I graduated from high school back in December. As a gift my parents got me a cruise. It was also for my 18th birthday. It was also a family vacation. We usually stay at all-inclusive resorts but I have always wanted to go on a cruise,” the teen wrote. “I told my parents it was different and that if we went on excursions we had to follow the schedule no matter what. Well it was a week-long cruise and they would not head back to the ship when I said it was time to go. They were busy shopping and bargaining with the locals. I finally said that I was heading back to the ship. My mom waved me off.”

They continued, “The missed the departure. By a lot. Like 45 minutes. They got ahold of me through WhatsApp. They wanted to know why I didn’t get the boat to wait for them. I wanted to scream that they were not going to inconvenience 3,998 people because two could not understand what a schedule was.”

What happened next was what happens to every cruise passenger who does this: “They ended up having to fly to the next port from there and it was expensive. They are pissed at me for leaving them behind. I don’t know what I was supposed to do. They literally told me that they knew what they were doing.”

The teen regrets even wanting to go on the trip at all now.

“I wish I had never asked for this. They are making me miserable because I left without them,” the teen wrote.

Ugh, what a terrible situation these parents are putting their child in, when it’s absolutely crystal clear who is at fault here. We only hope this poor kiddo took some comfort from the literal thousands of strangers on the internet who flocked to write the obvious truth that the parents are at fault.

“Your parents are acting entitled. Tell them you saved them the expense of a third ticket to the next port,” one of the highest voted comments says.

A response to that comment adds, “Google – cruise ship leaves passengers behind – then show them. Story after story of the same thing happening to others who didn’t make it back before departure from Port. They are lucky they were able to fly to next port, many others have been stranded or worse.”

Another top-voted comment reads, “Your parents are in the wrong… You would never have been able to prevent the cruise ship from leaving. They have a schedule and they keep to it. The ship waits for no one. This is ALL on your parents.. They didn’t respect the ship schedule.”

Yet another put it in these terms that the parents might be able to understand: “Do they think a plane would wait 45 mins for them?”

How would you have handled this situation?