Parents, Share The Shocking Differences Between Your Upbringing And Your Kids' Modern Lives

Breaking generational parenting habits can be challenging, so we're asking BuzzFeed Community parents, what is the most significant difference between your childhood and your kids' childhood?

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Maybe, the biggest difference is something small:

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"When I was a kid, my parents never allowed us to eat food from outside the house. Now, my daughter and I will make a breakfast run together every once in a while before I drop her off at school, and it's a great bonding time together."—Anonymous

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Or maybe the difference has to do with parenting styles:

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"When I was a kid, my parents never apologized to me when they did something wrong, and it upset me that we'd just move on from the situation. I make it a point to apologize to my kids when I haven't been the best parent. It's important to teach them how to say 'sorry.'"—Anonymous

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Maybe, the difference has more to do with the dangers of society.

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"When I was in school, we never had active shooter drills. Now, my daughters have these drills constantly, and it's basically become normal to her and her friends. It makes me sad." —Anonymous

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Parents — tell us the biggest difference between your childhood and your children's childhood. Let us know in the comments below or via this anonymous Google form.