Paris Votes to Triple Parking Fees for SUVs and Other Larger Vehicles

g wagen parked on paris street
Paris Votes to Triple Parking Fees for SUVsDIMITAR DILKOFF - Getty Images

Parisians voted on a measure on Sunday that will effectively prevent SUVS and other large vehicles from parking on city streets. The parking rate will triple the parking fees for SUV drivers from out of town to $19.50 per hour, according to the Associated Press.

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo argues that SUVs take up too much space on the narrow city streets. She is also concerned about the amount of pollution SUVs create as she said they “threaten our health and our planet.” Though, this new measure will also punish EV drivers with higher parking rates.

Parking fees of 18 euros or $19.50 an hour will apply to any fully internal combustion or hybrid vehicle that weighs more than 1.6 tons or 3,527 pounds and any EV that weighs more than 2 tons or 4,409 pounds. For reference, a Tesla Model Y Long Range AWD has a curb weight of 4,555 pounds. Vehicles under the weight limit will pay just $6.50 per hour.

The higher parking rate applies to the first 2 hours of parking and gets more expensive from that point. Parking for six hours in a larger SUV in Paris will cost roughly $243. This new rate goes into effect on September 1.

The $19.50 per hour rate will apply to non-residents who park in Paris’ central districts, in the arrondissements numbered 1 through 11. Further away from the city, the rates ease a bit as they are 12 euros per hour in Paris’ outer arrondissements numbered 12 through 20.

Hidalgo has been pushing to make Paris less car-friendly for years. Some areas, such as the River Seine embankment, now completely ban motor vehicles. It is good news for cyclists and those who love to take leisurely strolls. But less than ideal for those who like to drive or simply need a larger vehicle for work or other obligations. Though, driving a car or truck of any size in Paris isn't exactly a fun time.

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