Pat Sajak leaves Twitter LOLing after butchering common phrase

Wednesday's Wheel of Fortune was a fun one. All three contestants were excellent and thoroughly entertained the viewers. In fact, it was so fun that Pat Sajak was ready to "lift the ceiling" off the place. Yep, "lift the ceiling."

After contestant Eliot Gaines took a strong early lead, Sajak stopped to speak with him before a commercial break. After Sajak commented on Gaines impressive winnings, the contestant pumped his arms over his head. Inspired by the gesture, Sajak also pumped his hands and exclaimed, "lift the ceiling!"

Unfortunately for Sajak, the proper idiom is "raise the roof." Raise the roof is defined by Merriam-Webster's dictionary as, "to make a lot of noise by playing music, celebrating, shouting, etc." The idiom is believed to have originated in the southern U.S. in the mid-1800's. It's also the entire focal point of Luke's 1998 hit "Raise the Roof."

Fans on Twitter could not help but laugh at Sajak's awkward moment.

While Gaines fell just short of advancing to the bonus round, he did go home with a sizable prize of $12,100. Which is probably enough money to renovate either his roof or his ceiling.