Patriots' Martellus Bennett on controversial Green Bay exit: 'Right now I'm just like [expletive] it'

Newly healed New England Patriots tight end Martellus Bennett addressed the media for the first time since his controversial departure from the Green Bay Packers.

“It’s not about could you play, it’s should you play,” Bennett told reporters following Sunday night’s game in regards to his shoulder injury.  “Right now I’m just like [expletive] it.”

To recap: Wednesday, Bennett was waived by the Packers, who claimed he failed to disclose a torn rotator cuff. Bennett was picked up by the Patriots, with whom he won a Super Bowl last season, and then made some serious allegations about Green Bay’s team doctor.  Sunday, Bennett felt well enough to suit up, catching three passes for 38 yards in a 41-16 win over the Denver Broncos.

When asked why he decided he “shouldn’t play” with (an Aaron Rodgers-less) Green Bay, Bennett said he sought the opinion of “six or seven” different doctors and determined his shoulder “was one of those things I felt like should get fixed.”  That’s when he says the Packers showed him the door.

“After trying to get it [the shoulder] fixed and getting waived, you just get that vengeance in your heart and you’re just kind of like, “[Expletive] it. Let’s go ball,” he said.

Bennett said he had told his agent to tell teams not to call him after Green Bay cut him, and was preparing for a desk job. But things changed once Bennett heard Bill Belichick was interested. Bennett took some time to think on it, then decided to delay his planned shoulder surgery to rejoin the Patriots.

Martellus Bennett suited up for the Patriots Sunday night, less than a week after being waived by the Packers. (AP Photo/Jack Dempsey)

Bennett acknowledged the intense criticism he’s received from numerous people around the league.

“At this point there’s nothing else anyone can say to me in my career that can make me feel any way toward myself,” Bennett said. “The team that’s always going to be there is my wife and my daughter … That’s all that really matters.”

For their part, the Patriots seemed to have welcomed Bennett back to New England with open arms.

“I love having Martellus on our team,” Tom Brady told reporters Sunday. “He adds a lot. He is a great player, and was for us last year. Hopefully we can keep building on it.”

You can listen to the entirety of Bennett’s comments below courtesy of the Boston Sports Journal. (Warning: NSFW language)