Patriots' 'No Days Off' mantra extends to even the worst snow storms

There’s a meteorological event happening along the northern Atlantic coast of the United States Thursday, particularly in the New England states: a so-called “bomb cyclone,” or winter storm Grayson. It qualifies as a bomb cyclone because the system’s low pressure fell 24 millibars in 24 hours or less (yeah, we don’t quite understand all of it either).

At any rate, the storm hasn’t just brought cold temperatures or snow or high winds, it’s brough all three.

And even though the New England Patriots aren’t playing this weekend thanks to their status as the No. 1 seeded team in the AFC playoffs, they’re showing that coach Bill Belichick’s “No Days Off” mantra means just that:

The team posted some short videos to give an idea just what the conditions are like in Foxborough, Mass., where the Patriots’ facility is, and also a video of players trudging to practice:

Wisely, Belichick did change the initial schedule, which called for practice to be outdoors, and it was instead held inside the team’s indoor bubble.

It is possible to drive from the players’ parking lot outside the football offices at Gillette Stadium to the lot outside the practice bubble, but clearly several (all?) players opted to make the walk, which left them exposed to the elements for about 200 yards. That doesn’t sound like a lot, until you’re about halfway through and the wind is taking your breath away and snow is smacking you in the face.

Oh, and in case you didn’t notice, the players are in full pads.

Belichick made it clear to players on Wednesday that he would not accept any excuse for being late to the facility because of the weather. After practice and meetings on Thursday, players are off until Monday, when they’ll start preparing for their Divisional-round opponent.

It’s frigid, windy and snowing in Massachusetts, but Patriots coach Bill Belichick expected his player to work on time. (AP)