Paulina Porizkova and sons test positive for COVID-19: 'We all got our 3 shots'

It was a "Covid Christmas" for Paulina Porizkova and family. The 56-year-old model revealed she and her two sons tested positive for COVID-19. They are all vaccinated and received their booster shot.

"We're so fortunate we all got our three shots and grateful we're all together and our symptoms are super mild," she wrote on Saturday. Porizkova shares sons Jonathan, 28, and Oliver, 23, with late husband, Ric Ocasek. One of Jonathan's friends is in quarantine with the family.

On Monday, Porizkova thanked her 660,000 followers for the well wishes.

"We are and have been remarkably well. A proper cold for jonathan, a very slight one for me and Oliver has no symptoms," she wrote on social media. "I have friends, however, who got a full on flu for ten or so days. So we're lucky and grateful, and given this has been a Covid Christmas with three young men, our Christmas movie was Die Hard."

Porizkova will be taking a break from her oftentimes self-reflective social media posts and "throw myself back into writing."

"Also, cause there ain't nuthin goin on here to photograph," she concluded. "Stay well and healthy, see you all in 2022."