This Pencil Grip Will Help Your Child Hold a Pencil Correctly

Caitlyn Fitzpatrick
Photo credit: Amazon

From Woman's Day

If you think about it, parenting is one long, never-ending checklist. Teach them how to walk? Check. Teach them how to use the potty? Check. Teach them how to write? Well … it’s a work in progress. Not only do you have to help teach your little one how to spell, but also how to actually write and hold a pencil.

These soft grips help kids learn how to hold a writing utensil. Maybe your child typically holds it with three fingers, or grasps it with their entire hand. But this silicone grip features two finger pockets for their thumb and index finger, so there’s no room for error.

You can get a pack of three writing aids on Amazon Prime. Now that half the battle has been won, it’s time to work on their spelling!

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