Penn Badgley Teases ‘Gossip Girl’ Reunion With Taylor Momsen

An unofficial “Gossip Girl” reunion is on the horizon between series stars Penn Badgely and Taylor Momsen. The CW’s two favorite Brooklynites are set to appear together on an upcoming episode of Badgely’s podcast, “Podcrushed.”

“A reunion worth waiting for,” the “Podcrushed” account posted on Instagram along with two pictures of Badgley and Momsen together. The second picture featured Badgley sporting Little J’s signature smoky eye look, one of the character’s defining features in later seasons of the show.

The post did not include a date for the upcoming episode, but based on its history, it’s safe to say the new episode will premiere on an upcoming Wednesday. Hosted by Badgley, Nava Kavelin and Sophie Ansari, “Podcrushed” “explores the heartbreak, anxiety and self-discovery of being a teenager,” according to its description on Apple Podcasts. The series has scored several big-name guests, including Jameela Jamil, Meghan Trainor, Rob Lowe, Nina Dobrev, Kelly Clarkson, Lisa Kudrow and Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

Fans quickly commented on the post to express their excitement. “Iconic,” one user wrote. “This is so awesome! I always wondered if y’all were still in touch,” wrote another. Still another simply posted, “lonely boy and little j,” a reference to Gossip Girl’s nicknames for their characters in the series.

Badgely and Momsen starred as brother and sister in The CW’s beloved teen drama. While Dan (Badgley) spent most of his time on the Upper East Side swooning over Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively) and generally turning up his nose at the wealth around him, his little sister Jenny (Momsen) made it her goal to dethrone Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) and become queen bee.

Those were the roles they occupied — the outcast and the wannabe — until the conclusion of Season 4. In 2011, Momsen announced that she was leaving acting to focus more on her music career. She has been the frontwoman of the band the Pretty Reckless since its formation in 2009. But Jenny didn’t fully depart “Gossip Girl” after Season 4. The fashion-loving little sister is mentioned repeatedly throughout the final two seasons, and Momsen returned for the series finale.

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