Penny Mordaunt’s coronation sword becomes surprise star attraction

The sword carried by Penny Mordaunt during the King’s coronation has become a surprise star attraction at the Tower of London.

A new display opened earlier this week in the Jewel House where crowns and various jewels are kept for visitors.

Officials have since revealed the Sword of State has fast become the most popular attraction.

The sword was shown during the television coverage of the coronation being held by the MP, who was praised for her strength holding the blade for a prolonged period of time.

Charles Farris, a historian of the monarchy at Historic Royal Palaces, told the BBC: “It’s not an object we might have seen visitors looking for, particularly in the past – but we expect that they definitely will now.”

He continued: “It’s wonderful to see the ways in which the recent coronation has given people a new-found appreciation of the crown jewels.”

It was revealed after the coronation that the former MP had to take painkillers so she could carry the 17th century sword, which is more than 3ft (1m) long.

The sword is kept in the Tower of London with the crown jewels and a range of other royal regalia.

Speaking to the BBC earlier this month, Ms Mordaunt said: “I think you want to make sure you’re in good nick and I did take a couple of painkillers beforehand just to make sure I was going to be all right.

“We got through it and it was only half of the ceremony I had to carry the Sword of State, which is the really heavy one, and then I traded it in for the very exquisite Jewelled Sword of Offering, which is much lighter.”