People Are Calling Kylie Jenner's New Makeup Launch 'Tone Deaf'

Krystin Arneson

Kylie Jenner, certified billionaire, announced this week that she's adding another line to her Kylie Cosmetics empire—and some people aren't super pleased about it.

On Thursday, Jenner posted on Instagram that she would be launching a "Birthday Collection" in honor of her 22nd birthday on August 10, and in subsequent Instagram Stories, she revealed that the theme would be money. And she didn't hold back on going all the way with the theme: The collection includes beauty products like lip glosses, eye palettes, and highlighters, packaging emblazoned with dollar signs and fake Benjamins. A lipstick trio masquerades as a roll of $20s, except this is Kylieland, and they're $22 notes instead for her birthday. Twitter also had a lot to say once they got a peek at some of the names of the shades, which include "Work for It," "On a Budget," and "Money Ain't Everything."

Here are some glimpses of the new collection:

Obviously, Twitter had some thoughts.

There's also a palette that tells customers that they're "so money baby"—part of a quote from 1996's Swingers—in glittery hot pink block letters, but one can be forgiven for misreading it. (It seems like a lot of people are.)

It seems like Jenner might have anticipated the backlash, however. After a few people commented and asked if she was planning to donate some of the money from the sales to charity, Jenner said on Instagram Stories that “we, I, am giving back. Actually, I do mean 'we' because we are doing this together. You guys are going to help me give back in a huge, huge way. All I wanted for my birthday was to do this money collection and give it all away.”

Jenner also added that she has a "special person" helping her with the collection and that "we are going to do amazing things."

What all this means isn't entirely clear right now, but we're sure more details will come closer to the launch.

Originally Appeared on Glamour