People Have a Lot of Feelings About 'I Care a Lot'

Andrea Park
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People Have a Lot of Feelings About 'I Care a Lot'

From Marie Claire

The audience reviews of Netflix's new comedy-drama-thriller I Care a Lot are in, and they're...pinballing wildly from "best film of the year" to "most disturbing film of the year," with nothing in between. Who knew a darkly funny movie about a conniving sociopath with a blunt bob that could cut glass and a penchant for defrauding senior citizens by posing as a caring legal guardian before draining their assets into her own account could cause such mixed reactions!

Perhaps the most striking example of the vast spectrum of opinions about I Care a Lot comes from its Rotten Tomatoes analysis. While the movie has easily been "certified fresh" due to an impressive 81 percent positivity rating from 136 professional critics' reviews, its audience score is a paltry 35 percent positive, accounting for more than 1,000 ratings from casual viewers. While critics and normies alike have almost uniformly praised Rosamund Pike's performance as the aforementioned con womanโ€”for which she was also nominated for a Golden Globeโ€”the shocking twist ending seems to have left a particularly bitter taste in the mouths of the latter group, who have taken to social media en masse to air their grievances with the film. Here's a sampling of some of the most dramatic reactions to I Care a Lot.

Some were absolutely horrified:

While others were all for it:

But at least we can all agree that Rosamund Pike was born to play charming sociopaths:

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