People are very confused by this baby onesie


There are lots of things that we can get on board with: cute baby clothes, the importance of teaching consent and Spice Girls nostalgia. But when you combine all three, it just gets kind of weird.

That’s at least how the internet reacted to a baby onesie being sold on the website

Quoting the popular Spice Girls song, the onesie swaps out “you gotta get with my friends” with “you gotta get my consent.”

Clever, sure. But for a baby?

Some felt it was a little early to be teaching such things.

To add to the confusion, the description of the onesie reads, “Stand tall and stand proud- Wear this sassy feminist design, raise your fist, and use the power of glittering ’90s nostalgia to punch the patriarchy square in the junk.”

But this isn’t even the worst offender on the site.

According to Mic, other onesies for sale include one with the slogan, “Whose boob do I have to suck to get a drink around here” and ” If you want to be my lover you gotta be rich and close to death.”

While some defenders have been quick to point out that the site isn’t only marketing these on baby onesies and that you can print the slogan on a variety of different garments including adult T-shirts, tanks and hoodies, the fact that a baby onesie is an option still makes it a little strange.

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