Philips Hue's smart string lights are a pricey way to add holiday cheer to your home

Expect to pay $160.


With the holidays around the corner, Signify, the company formerly known as Philips Lighting, is finally introducing a set of festive fairy lights. Measuring 20 meters (or just a touch over 65 feet), the Festavia string lights feature 250 mini LEDs. Naturally, they’re fully compatible with the company’s recently redesigned Philips Hue app.

Thanks to that software support, the Festavia lights possess a few advantages over their conventional counterparts. For one, you don’t need to duck under your Christmas tree to turn them on and off. You can also use the app to dim and brighten the LEDs, change their color and set timers and schedules. You can even sync the lights to music with built-in Spotify and Samsung SmartThings integration.

Additionally, Signify is introducing two new features within the Philips Hue app. The first is a new “Sparkle” effect that gives each LED on the string a twinkle to make the lights look more festive. There’s also a new lighting style called Scattered included. It allows you to choose up to five colors, which the software will then randomly assign to each light. As with most Philips Hue products, you’ll pay a premium for all Festavia’s smart features. The lights are slated to cost a cool $160 when they arrive on November 15th. For that price, you're probably better off buying a smart plug to use with your existing Christmas lights. You might not get all the features the Festavia lights offer, but you can still do things like set schedules.