PHOTOS: Late-season thunderstorms drop hail in parts of southern Ontario

The new work week got off to a wild start in parts of southern Ontario, with thunderstorm lovers perhaps getting their final showing before winter takes over.

Blustery conditions and warmer temperatures quickly spread over southern Ontario on Monday, with southerly winds getting pulled into the heart of a clipper as it tracked over the Great Lakes region.

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Because of the warmer-than-normal temperatures and a clipper acting as a trigger, thunderstorms were able to cross into Ontario from Michigan unimpeded. Lightning, heavy downpours and hail have been reported in several communities.

Wind gusts associated with the storms were able to bring down much of the remaining leaves on the trees, potentially clogging some drains. Coupled with heavy downpours, that lead to some localized road flooding.

Daytime highs on Monday were expected to come in as much as 3-6 degrees warmer than usual for southwestern Ontario and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

Meanwhile, more stormy weather is on the horizon for Ontario this week, but will feature precipitation of the wintry kind, potentially disrupting travel in eastern and central areas, especially, starting Wednesday afternoon.

It didn't take long for people to grab their phones and start taking visuals of the hail and storms, and posting what they captured on social media. The following is a selection of what is currently making the rounds on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter.