Photos show blood and embalming fluid pooling in street behind Louisiana funeral home

Aris Folley,

Sickening photos show blood and embalming fluid leaking from behind a Louisiana funeral home Thursday and seeping onto the street, according to WBRZ.

To many, the large puddles that formed from the mixture appeared to be straight from a horror film, but a spokesperson for Greenoaks Funeral Home blames the horrific sight on the sewage system in Baton Rouge.

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William Daniel, director of city-parish environmental services, told the Advocate the mixture flowed from a storage tank that holds excess fluid behind the building. He said a blockage in a valve prompted the leak, which ended up taking about 20 minutes to contain.

Fortunately, the leak didn't affect the public sewer system or storm drains as it took place on private property, officials told KATC.

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The funeral home has since apologized for the incident and issued a statement saying that as soon as they noticed it they were “able to immediately stop the leak, clean and disinfect the area.”

The funeral home, which is under new management, reportedly did not have a permit with the Department of Environmental Services. It is unclear whether or not there will be repercussions.