Before-and-after photos show how cutting alcohol can change your life

A Swedish fitness guru, who goes by the Instagram handle Jelly Devote, has gained thousands of Instagram followers for her health and wellness advice — but just a few years ago had a very different lifestyle.

<i>Image via Instagram/JellyDevote</i>
Image via Instagram/JellyDevote

She admits she spent her early 20s drinking with her friends at least three times a week — and she had hangovers just as often.

“I don’t know how much I drank — just that it was a lot,” she told Cosmopolitan about her love for beer and hard cider. Now 27, the blogger has reduced her alcohol intake to a glass or two of wine or champagne every other week, and the results are astonishing.

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That’s why a recent side-by-side image of her weight loss transformation has racked up more than 13,500 likes in a matter of days.

In the post’s caption, she credits a balanced lifestyle for the incredible change, admitting she once fueled her body with processed foods — “not a single vegetable,” she said. “All I did was party and stay on the sofa.”

She says that when she was 1, an unflattering bikini photo led her to consider exercising. Around the same time, her grandmother, who’d long spoiled her with sweet treats, made a comment about her weight gain.

“That was the moment I decided things needed to change,” she the blogger, who began working out at home regularly shortly after. Next she then zeroed in on her excessive alcohol intake.

“It’s simply impossible to have a healthy body and mind with that much consumption of alcohol,” she said. “I’m always drinking water!”

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She began shifting the rest of her diet, too, swapping three large meals a day to five or six small ones composed of green veggies, healthy fats and protein.

Now, the influencer, who has more than 570,000 followers, does drink in moderation.

“I have balance,” she wrote on Instagram. “There are so many changes in how I look, how I feel, and how I live my life, I’ve never felt better.”

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