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Photo by: Net-a-porter
Fendi monster earmuffs, $1,500
The Italian luxury brand's new monster collection is immensely popular with rich young ladies desperate to be photographed for street style blogs. But for the rest of us normals, the line of clothing and accessories inspired by furry creatures looks completely absurd. Especially these already-sold-out fox, mink, and leather earmuffs adorned with two different characters on each side. E-tailer Net-a-porter suggests that you "wear yours to give chalet looks a playful touch." Oh totally. And we'll carry the matching $4,450 furry monster bag and clip on one of the sold out $580 monster bag charms. It'll be a laugh riot on the slopes.

2014's New Designer Fashion: Outrageous, Ugly, and Wildly Expensive

With the new year comes a whole new batch of absurd designer fashion. From Fendi's popular line of furry monster accessories (there's already a waiting list) to $5,800 gold lamé jumpsuits (yes, really) to a skirt masquerading as jeans (we're confused, too), there's something for every peacocking fashionista this season. Check out the latest high-fashion disasters uh, we mean creations on the market right now. By Joanna Douglas, Yahoo Shine Senior Fashion and Beauty Editor