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Relax your interior decorating scheme

It’s wise to consider more sweeping improvements, but don’t ignore the power of modest details to help foster a cozy ambience. Start by exchanging bright, cool overhead lights for the subdued glow of table and floor lamps. Meanwhile, cover bare floors with area rugs, and outfit seating areas with blankets and throw pillows. And if your home suffers from uneven heating, consider altering your furniture arrangement to bring the seating areas closer to the source of heat, be it a radiator, baseboard unit, or forced-air vent. (Source: Bob Vila)

6 Steps to a Cozy Winter Home

When plummeting temperatures and cruel storms combine to make the outdoors forbidding, everyone takes refuge indoors.

There’s only one potential problem: If aggravations like drafts and cold-to-the-touch surfaces plague your home at this time of year, then it’s going to be a long winter indeed.

Looking to make your home a comfier, cozier refuge this winter? Your choices run the gamut from the quick and easy to the truly transformative.

For starters, think about simply adding accessories that either literally provide warmth or foster a welcoming, intimate environment.

Alternatively, to make a big jump from chilly and bleak to homey and snug, pull out all the stops and put in radiant floor heating.

Which approach makes the most sense for your home depends on a number of factors; there’s no single right solution that suits every situation. Click through to learn about the range of options you should consider now, before the shivering season goes into full swing! | By Michael Franco, BobVila.com