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BUY 3-lbs Chicken Legs/Thighs (Approx cost: $3)

Photo by: Brooke McLay
BUY 3-lbs Chicken Legs/Thighs (Approx cost: $3)
Follow your grocery store's sales flyer to purchase 3 pounds (or more!) of inexpensive meat like chicken legs and chicken thighs. Ground beef or pork may also be on sale and worth buying. Use this meat throughout the week for dinners, chop up leftovers for chicken salad lunches, or toss in omelets for breakfast.
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Pinching Pennies? 7 Ways to Feed Your Family with Just $20 for an Entire Week

Ever since I became a single mom, I've had to pinch a few pennies at the grocery store to make do. It used to worry me, until I realized there's a way to take those penny-pinching weeks and turn them into a fun adventure in the kitchen! It's possible to feed a family of four on just $20 a week, and I'm going to show you how. Of course, this isn't a grocery plan for every week of your life -- but when times get tight, isn't it nice to know you can grab a twenty, head to the store, and still cook up delicious breakfasts, lunches, and dinners for a whole week without breaking the bank?! Yeah, I think so, too! - By Brooke McLay


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