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Hello, Eye Cream

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Hello, Eye Cream
Your under-eye skin is the thinnest kind, which is why it tends to show wrinkles first. Blame it for dark circles, too; veins play peekaboo. Eye cream plumps up skin so you can't see veins and prevents it from drying out, a common cause of crow's feet.
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I have a secret strategy for good skin. A secret regimen so stealthy that almost every woman out there fails to follow and unfortunately ends up with poor skin. Are you ready for it? My secret is finding time to wash my face. Nobody knows this better than my friend Andrea Pomerantz Lustig, a beauty editor and columnist for Glamour magazine and author of her new book, How To Look Expensive: A Beauty Editor's Secrets To Getting Gorgeous Without Breaking The Bank. The book is packed with makeup, hair, and skin tips and product picks, recommended by celeb pros and personally tried-and-tested. I took a peek and grabbed 7 tips on getting that celebrity skin glow we all envy. Take a look! - By Ellen Seidman


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