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If you want to wake up with already-luscious locks, the first step is to make sure that your strands are in peak condition. Philippe Barr, creative director at Frédéric Fekkai Palm Beach, recommends maximizing on those eight hours to repair your hair with a fortifying mask. Upon waking, all you'll have to do is rinse to get silky strands and air-dry or give yourself a quick blowout - no need to spend time with a flat iron when your hair is all shiny and moisturized!

The next night, protect your sleek blowout by applying a small amount of serum to dry hair and cover your mane loosely with a silk scarf to prevent any frizz or tangles from forming while you toss and turn. Also key to prevent your hair from fuzzing out while you sleep: getting your chill on. As much as you may love feeling cozy at bedtime, sweat can cause small curls to form aroun

8 Beauty Tricks that Work While You Sleep

By Tara Rasmus, Refinery29

Sleeping Beauty had the right idea: Get your much-needed rest and wake up looking amazing (with a handsome prince just waiting to cater to your every whim when you arise, natch). And while we may not have fairy godmothers looking out for us, we do have a stable of in-the-know beauty pros ready to dish out their own version of skin, hair, and nails magic.

The ultimate in lazy-girl beauty, these overnight tricks require nothing more than a teensy bit of prep work, a comfy bed, and a willingness to take beauty sleep very, very seriously. Read on for your new bedtime beauty routine - these tips, treatments, and product picks will ensure you wake up looking amazing, without having to actually do anything in the a.m. Let's see S.B. pull that off.

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