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8) KFC
One Extra Crispy Breast

Fat: 33 grams

Calories: 510

Sodium: 1,010 milligrams

Popcorn Chicken- Large

Fat: 37 grams

Calories: 560

Sodium: 1,480 milligrams

Chicken Pot Pie (left)

Fat: 45 grams

Calories: 790

Sodium: 1,970 milligrams

America's Most Unhealthy Fast-Food

Quick: which fast-food sandwich do you think has more fat and calories, a McDonald's Big Mac or Wendy's Asiago Ranch Chicken Club? If you guessed the Big Mac, you'd be wrong by nearly 10 grams of fat and almost 200 calories. While it might not be super-easy to discern which fast-food items are better for you than others, there are a few common-sense giveaways. First of all, whenever something has more than one type of meat (especially if advertised as "Meat Lover's" or the like), that's a sure sign of calorie overload. Also, the more ingredients piled in, the more calories, so maybe next time you're at Chipotle you should forego the sour cream and cheese. And one beef patty will generally suffice.

We took a look at the menus of the major chains, and have assembled a roundup of the least healthy fast-food items out there. Maybe next time you'll think twice before ordering that Baconator! - Dan Myers, The Daily Meal

America's Healthiest Fast-Food Sandwiches

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