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Bad Habit # 1: Criticizing Yourself
Criticizing the way you look sends the message that self-esteem should be based on how your jeans fit or how much you weigh. Kids -- especially girls -- can be influenced by what they hear their mothers say. It can make them not like what they see in the mirror -- leading to a lifetime of self-esteem issues and poor body image. Both can push her toward unhealthy habits like yo-yo dieting or increase her risk of dangerous eating disorders.

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Bad Habits that Can Hurt Your Kids' Health

Kids learn how to feel about their bodies, abilities, everything -- from what you say and do. They are likely to imitate your actions. The most powerful way to teach your kids healthy habits is not by rewarding or punishing them. Instead, act in a positive way and model healthy behaviors.

Setting a good example will help them be happy and maintain a healthy weight. Have changes to make yourself? That's OK. You can do it together.

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