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Beer burger

Beer-soaked burger requiring ID -- A U.K. burger joint has created a beer-infused burger that has so much booze in it the owners require ID from patrons to buy it. London-based Honest Burgers has teamed up with a Scottish beer company to create their BrewBurger -- which has three different types of beer used in it. The aged beef patty is infused with an amber ale, topped with fried onions bathed in IPA, and finished with BBQ sauce made with a stout.

Beer-soaked burgers and other weird burger creations

Take a look around and you'll notice that chefs and foodies have put a new spin America's beloved fast food favourite -- the burger.

Recent years have seen the humble burger elevated to new gourmet heights with increasingly wacky flavour combinations and toppings -- not to mention unique buns made from Ramen noodles and mac and cheese.

Scroll below for some of the weirdest creations we could find. -- by Shereen Dindar